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MOin 30-10-2010

Whether you are talking on the phone to your spouse, discussing an issue with your boss, on negotiating a deal with another company, you would obviously prefer to keep your phone calls as private as possible. RedPhone helps us ensure our conversations stay between us and the other caller.


encrypt phone calls

RedPhone is a free to use smartphone application for Android running phones. The app is sized at only 1.31 MB. Currently the app is in beta and will only be useful for users in the US.

The app’s function is to provide end-to-end encryption for your calls, securing your conversations so that nobody can listen in. Therefore your call signals, if intercepted midway, will not be decipherable to 3rd parties. This highly useful security technique helps you make your phone calls as privately as possible.

The best part is that your phone works just like normal: your calls are received normally and your own number is used so the recipient knows it is you calling.



Use qr code below to download the app onto your Android:
android encrypt phone calls

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