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Rediscover Your Favorite Songs At These 2 Pinterest-Inspired Music Sharing Websites

Saikat Basu 04-04-2012

music sharing sitesDo you love Pinterest? If you do, then you will love these two websites which give you a Pinterest styled music sharing (and discovering) experience. Even if you don’t like Pinterest, and find it to be a faddish pretender for the crown of the social networking world, you just might like the eye-catching visual appeal of these sites. After all, it’s the look and the ease of Pinterest which has caught everyone’s fancy within a year’s time.


Thrown together below are two almost fresh music sharing websites which have more going for them than superficial Pinterest comparisons. These two websites are all about music and the way we listen, share, and discover songs with the help of our online social community. The inspiration may lie in Pinterest’s success, but can these two music websites do their own jig? Let’s find out.


music sharing sites

It’s not only the appearance when you land on the homepage that will remind you of Pinterest. There is the clutter free and ad-free musical experience you will enjoy as soon as you log-in. Sworly gives you a place to discover a good one amidst its collection of 20 million songs. It’s not an exclusive catalog of course, as these songs are available across the web on YouTube. But all of it comes without the eye-sore of advertisements. You can click on the large covers and Sworly opens up the player in an inline box. Sworly is all about music and video sharing. Of course, you can hop across to iTunes too and purchase the song for download via the link provided.

The social sharing is what makes it resemble Pinterest. You can “repost” a song (similar to pinning it) and also “like” it. You can also add your own songs and build your profile. It’s quite easy – just enter the song and the artist (see screen below) and Sworly does the searching for you. It searches YouTube and gets it for you.

music sharing websites


Your reposted and self-added songs show up together on your profile. This is where Sworly would have been better off as a copy-cat of Pinterest in one feature. There are no playlists to collect and play songs – something like the image boards on Pinterest. But even then, Sworly makes for a nice way to quickly watch, share, and discover music videos on YouTube.

Loudlee [No Longer Available]

music sharing websites

Loudlee fills the gap which Sworly hasn’t been able to so far. It has playlists. Similar to Sworly, all the music videos are sourced from YouTube. Join in with your Facebook account. In another departure from Sworly – and one which I particularly likes – songs are arranged in albums on Loudlee. Clicking on one music cover opens up the entire album as a playlist. You can put the songs in shuffle mode on the player which is one side of the browser.

music sharing websites


Clicking on an album also displays the entire discography of the artist/band, and other similar albums in that genre. With a click you can add the ones you want to listen to in your library. In the midst of it all, you can also search for individual songs you want to listen to. Searching for an artist gives you a list of his albums and popular songs to pick from. You can also choose to buy from Amazon.

music sharing

Your playlists, library, and social circle can all be viewed on one page. As you keep discovering what your friends are listening to, you can keep playing your songs in the player which remains by the side of the webpage.

music sharing sites


Head to head, I prefer Loudlee over Sworly. And it’s not only because even before I logged in Loudlee gave me that touch of nostalgia by featuring albums on the homepage which I grew up listening. It has to do with the more rounded feature sets of Loudlee. The missing playlist feature in Sworly was a minus, though minimalists won’t mind it too much for casual listening.

Do you think these two music sharing websites are more than Pinterest clones? Is the success of Pinterest starting a trend for this type of visual design and simple sharing? Throw in your comments.

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  1. Carla
    June 13, 2012 at 12:56 am

    I always use to enjoy music! Check this review about the site,

  2. Visal Gupta
    April 4, 2012 at 8:47 pm

    I dont liking loudlee because i see only albums. I wanting listening to individual songs. I think music is good at Sworly because it have both song and playlist

  3. Frank Lin
    April 4, 2012 at 5:32 pm

    But Sworly does have playlists! It's on the left side and it's cool because every page is a different playlist! I want to see individual music not albums together. So I like Sworly

    • Saikat
      April 5, 2012 at 10:40 am

      I am not saying that Sworly is is just an individual preference. Sworly has a page based playlist. It does not allow for customization. If you go back and forth between pages, the playlist changes accordingly.