RedditGraphs: Visualize Someone’s Reddit History

Dave LeClair 23-11-2012

Have you ever wanted to dig deeper into a person’s Reddit history? Reddit lets you see the person’s profile, but it just shows a list of comments and if the person is active on Reddit, it can be next to impossible to actually make any sense of the load of information. The new website called RedditGraphs attempts to make sense of the madness by scanning a user’s Reddit profile and giving you useful charts to help you see what kind of participation a person on Reddit puts forth.


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The site offers all kinds of data about Reddit usage. You can use this tool to analyse your own Reddit history, or that of another Reddit user. It’s quite interesting to look back at your own history and see interesting information such as at what times of day you comment the most, your best posts and all kinds of other cool information.


To use the site, you simply enter in a Reddit user name, and the website does the rest. Depending on how active the person is, the site will take a few seconds to scan the profile. Once done, you can click-through the different graphs and get a good idea of how a person uses Reddit.


  • Get graphs of a user’s Reddit history.
  • Look at yourself or any other Reddit user.
  • See info all about comments.
  • View submission history as well.

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