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Reddit Photo Clock for iPad: The Greatest Productivity Killer Ever

James Bruce 01-06-2012

reddit photo clockReddit Photo Clock is a typical photo-frame clock app for the most part; but it pulls images from Reddit for your delectation, and that makes it 9000 times more awesome than any other photo clock app out there. Read on to find out exactly why you want this app, now.


For those of you who don’t like reading, I recorded a video overview of the app too, outlining all the important features. Note, there’s a few points where the video appears jumpy due to AirPlay slowdown; this isn’t in the actual iPad, just the recording.

Clock Functionality

Basic clock functionality is present and accounted for; we have date and time, plus a little weather icon – click on the weather to get a full weekly breakdown for your area. In addition, the $1.99 Pro version of the app includes an optional stock ticker, which replaces the banner advertising in the free version – so you too can keep a close eye on the disaster known as the Facebook IPO.

reddit photo clock

That said, there is no alarm or music functionality. If you were after just a bedside clock – one to actually wake you up in the morning and perhaps play some soothing industrial beats – this is not for you. This is the kind of photo clock app that you put on a shelf to provide a little visual stimulation.

photo frame clock for ipad


Reddit and Photos

Tap once to bring up the subreddit menu – Pics and Funny are built into the app, but the third option can be configured to a custom subreddit. I left mine on Aww, because cute cats on my mantelpiece is about as good as life can get. You can filter out NSFW pictures if you want, and the time each photo is displayed can be either 4, 10, 20 seconds or 1 minute. I suggest leaving caption size on small, but even then long post titles will sometimes be cut off. Obligatory share options are also present.

photo frame clock for ipad

Another great feature is Zoom Photo Automatically, which really brings those HD lolcatz to life.

Double-tapping on the picture will open it up in context using the in-app browser frame, from which you can do all your usual commenting, up and down-voting etc.


iPhone and update coming soon

Although it’s iPad only right now, the developer has been in touch with this screenshot of an update submitted and due for release around the time this article will be published; the clock widget is a little more professional looking, and the app will be universal for iPhones also.

reddit photo clock

Similar Apps

As a general Reddit browser, nothing beats Alien Blue – which I reviewed a few weeks ago with the highest of praise. It’s apps like that which not only function well for pro-Redittors, but also bring new users to the fray. In fact, I’ve said that Alien Blue is actually better than the Reddit online site. Reddit Photo Clock certainly isn’t going to replace your Reddit experience; but it does compliment it well. If you’re just after pictures of cute things, even the sleek Alien Blue gallery browser is a little tedious; with Reddit Photo Clock you can just lie back, set and forget – and still keep an eye on the time so you realise you’ve been browsing Reddit for most of the morning.

If you’re after more of an alarm clock style app, Nightstand Central is perhaps a better choice; featuring gorgeous HD photos, weather, and the ability to wake up to your own music.



No doubt about it, you will lose part of your day to Reddit Photo Clock; be warned of placing it too prominently on the shelf – lest you be caught in it’s enticing gaze, transfixed to the ever flowing wall of cute things, weird things, and generally awesome photography. This app will added to the Best of iPad Apps page.

Let us know in the comments if you have any other suggestion for picture based subreddits that would work well in this app; or if you know of a better photo clock app.

Image Credit: (iTunes) Reddit Photo Clock FREE, and Reddit Photo Clock PRO 

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  1. Lok Tai Fung
    January 21, 2015 at 8:50 am

    Hi, this is the author of Reddit Photo Clock. The app's link doesn't work anymore.
    The app has since been renamed to Alien Clock - for Reddit Pics. Sorry for the confusion. The link is:

    Alien Clock - for Reddit Pics