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reddit client androidBrowse Reddit, Android-style. Reddit Is Fun is a free app for putting the best of Reddit at your fingertips. Sign in with your account and flip through your front page and favorite subreddits, or search for and explore any individual community on your own.

Political flame wars or pictures of kittens; obsessive conversations about your favorite TV shows or jokes about religions you don’t believe in. Whatever regularly pulls you back into Reddit’s orbit from time to time, you don’t need to unplug just because you’re away from your computer. Reddit is Fun is a near-perfect interface for the Internet’s front page, allowing you to comment, vote or simply browse in just a few taps.

Are you not sure what I’m talking about when I mention subreddits? Consider reading our Reddit manual – it explains all that and more.

“Reddit Is Fun” Is…Fun

Fire this app up and you’ll see your front page, made up of all the best things from all of your favorite subreddits. Vote up anything you want using the handy arrows:

reddit client android

Tap any headline to see more options, or tap an article’s icon on the right to go directly to the link. An in-app browser quickly takes you directly to the website or image linked to, but because this is Reddit, the real fun happens in the comments.

reddit client

You can easily up/down vote comments, and even leave comments yourself. It’s like the web version, only touch-friendly.

You don’t have to use the dark theme you see here – I only use that because it’s awesome and I couldn’t agree less with my collegue Dave on the subject of black backgrounds Why Websites With Dark Backgrounds Completely Suck [Opinion] Why Websites With Dark Backgrounds Completely Suck [Opinion] You're reading MakeUseOf right now, a website which primarily uses dark text on a light background. Which is as it should be. That bar across the top with light text on a dark background, and... Read More . You can change it and a variety of other settings in the menu, which you can find on the top-right:

reddit client

Here you can also see your profile and browse a particular subreddit. Reddit is only good if you discover communities that share your interests, so if you haven’t yet, explore and discover. If you’re interested in something there’s a community discussing it.

reddit client android

Explore the app and you’ll be sure to find something you like, so get to it!

This app was briefly banned by Google for giving access to pornography, which is hypothetically possible in the same way that a web browser can be used to access pornography.

Download Reddit Is Fun

Ready to check this out? Download Reddit is Fun on Google Play.

If you want to support the app, and get an tablet-optimized version, check out Reddit Is Fun Golden Platinum. It also includes moderator features, if you’re the baron of a small corner of Reddit.


Man that was hard to write. It’s impossible to load a Reddit app without wasting a lot of time, and this blogger is no exception. It’s why the screenshots are so out of date: I’ve been browsing Reddit using this app since then and have only now got around to writing this review. Everything is so interesting it can make someone forget about the terrible information diet that they want to improve Eating Only Dessert: Why Your Information Diet Is Probably Terrible [Feature] Eating Only Dessert: Why Your Information Diet Is Probably Terrible [Feature] Email. Social networks. Blogs. Online video. People today consume more information than ever before, and typically only consume the things they really, really like. Clay Johnson compares this to a bad diet. "If you only... Read More . Of course, you can also achieve that by unsubscribing the subreddits full of useless information. It’s my fault. But man, that was distracting.

How many hours will you lose exploring the seemingly endless torrent of awesome that is Reddit? Let me know in the comments below, or point out any superior apps for browsing Reddit on Android or any other platform. Because Reddit is fun.

Desktop users, be sure to check out Reditr, the ultimate desktop client for Reddit Reditr: A Desktop Client for Reddit With Embedded Content Reditr: A Desktop Client for Reddit With Embedded Content Do you love Reddit, but find the user interface infuriating? Try a new way to get at the best content on the web. Reditr shows you the latest posts from your favorite subreddits in easy-to-skim... Read More . You’ll be glad you did. Those not lucky enough to own an Android because they own an iOS device should check out Alien Blue. Or you could just use Reddit from your browser, like a sucker. Whatever.

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  1. Jacques Knipe
    January 24, 2013 at 1:52 pm

    Not gonna let that Reddit alien lure me in...9Gag. There I said it! Let the fan war begin

  2. Richard Borkovec
    January 24, 2013 at 1:52 am

    I love this app so much I actually got the "Golden Premium" paid version :)

  3. claudine ratelle
    January 21, 2013 at 6:04 pm

    I love Reddit, and I like using the app on the go.

  4. Alexander
    January 21, 2013 at 1:31 pm

    Reddit Is Fun is probably one of the best apps i have ever installed since i am a regular reddit user :P

  5. Me
    January 20, 2013 at 11:42 pm

    I use this apps. Really good I'd say.

  6. Alan Wade
    January 19, 2013 at 10:44 pm

    I suppose different MOU articles have different opinions.