Recent Menu: Find Recently Accessed Files, Folders, & Apps (Mac)

Joshua Lockhart 21-05-2013

You have a history page How to Delete Recent Searches Without Accidentally Leaving a Trace Read More for your web browser. Why can’t you have one for your computer as a whole? Recent menu is a handy little Mac app that does just this.


Its u-turn icon fits snuggly alongside the large assortment of apps you likely have in your menubar (which may actually be a downside for some), and you can easily click it for a quite visible display of your most recently accessed files, folders, and apps. The app can be adjusted to filter through only certain apps or files, and you can also adjust the timeframe for which you want to search.

find recently opened files mac

Most apps of this nature don’t do this, but the developers of Recent Menu were thoughtful enough to ask your permission for access to your computer’s files. Furthermore, you can revoke access at any time (for whatever reason you may have).

Recent Menu isn’t likely an app that you will find yourself using very often, but if you work with many different project file directories at a time (such as video editors of graphic designers), then this app is good for locating misplaced materials. After all, we’ve all lost important files at least once, right?

recent menu


While OSX Spotlight throws Top Hits your way whenever you input a proper search term, Recent Menu shows you recently accessed materials when you just can’t process what it is that you’re looking for. This ability alone is worth keeping it stowed away in your apps folder.


  • Displays recently accessed files, folders, and apps
  • Launches upon logging in
  • Accessed from your menubar

Download Recent Menu for free [No Longer Available]

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  1. John
    May 21, 2013 at 9:57 am

    And what about for PC?