How to Receive Email Replies at Another Address
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It’s pretty easy to hop onto Gmail and send a quick email. But are you really using all the tricks that make Gmail such a powerful service?

One such function allows you to specify a separate email address as the reply-to address when you send a message.

Perhaps you’re sending a message from one account but won’t have access to it in the future, so you want responses to go to your new address. Or maybe you want to use a separate account for increased email security.

Whatever the reason, here’s how you can add a second reply-to address in Gmail.

Open your inbox and click the Settings gear in the top-right corner. Select Settings to open all of Gmail’s options. Next, switch to the Accounts and Import tab.

Where you see the Send mail as entry, you’ll probably only have your own email address listed. To the right of that, you’ll see an edit info link. Click that and you’ll get a window allowing you to change the name and email address your emails include.

How to Receive Email Replies at Another Address Gmail Alternate Reply to Address

Click the Specify a different “reply-to” address text to pop open a new field. Enter the other email address in here, and then hit Save Changes. Now, when someone hits Reply on one of your messages, their response won’t go to your main inbox. It’s sent to the alternate address instead.

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What do you use an alternate reply-to address for? Share your tips down in the comments!

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