9 Reasons to Subscribe to Netflix This Year

Megan Ellis Updated 27-04-2020

While there are legitimate reasons to avoid subscribing to Netflix, there are also plenty of reasons TO subscribe to Netflix.


The streaming service today isn’t the same Netflix of five years ago, which may be the last time you considered subscribing. So if you have previously cancelled your Netflix subscription, or have never had access to Netflix, it may be time to reconsider.

From its bevy of original content to its lack of advertising, here are our reasons why you should subscribe to Netflix this year…

1. Netflix Boasts Original Content

netflix originals content preview

Over the past few years, we’ve seen Netflix shift away from licensed content to producing its own content.

To be fair, the original TV series on Netflix are a little hit-and-miss at times. For every Narcos, Stranger Things, and Mindhunter, you get duds.


However, Netflix’s original content has improved significantly over the years, with stellar documentaries, binge-worthy original series, and even horror movies and sci-fi shows. And Netflix continues to invest heavily in original content, meaning that the variety and quality continue to grow.

Get a taste of what you can watch by checking out our roundup of the best original films on Netflix The 20 Best Original Netflix Movies Worth Watching Not every original Netflix movie is good, but many of them are! Here are the best Netflix original films worth watching. Read More .

2. Netflix Offers More Than Movies and TV Series

netflix documentaries catalog

While feature films and TV series are what put Netflix in the headlines, Netflix actually offers a lot more than just that. You may be surprised to know how much niche content (or even fringe content) exists on the platform. It’s this content that will keep you hooked on the service.


Documentaries have become a Netflix staple, with the streaming service well known for its true crime documentaries. Comedy specials are also a regular addition to the Netflix catalog, while experimental reality shows tend to become viral hits.

Netflix has also experimented with interactive, choose-your-own-adventure content, such as You vs. Wild and Black Mirror: Bandersnatch.

3. You Won’t See Ads on Netflix

Netflix debuted in 1997, which means it has now been around for over two decades. By this point, most other companies would have injected advertising into every nook and cranny they could find. For example, Hulu and CBS All-Access are both subscription-based services with advertisements, forcing you to pay more to remove the ads.

But not Netflix. With Netflix, you don’t have to sit through 30 seconds of cringe-inducing marketing like on Hulu or YouTube. There are no mid-roll ad breaks ruining the immersion and suspense of a narrative. Just on-demand entertainment.


There is some product placement in Netflix series, something that became painfully noticeable in Stranger Things Season 3. However, product placement is just a reality of content nowadays and Netflix seems to have learned its lesson and refrained from such overt product placement in its newer content.

4. One Subscription: Multiple Viewers

netflix multiple devices

There’s a reason you hear about so many people sharing Netflix accounts Should You Share Your Netflix Password With Others? Is it stealing to share your Netflix password with others? We surveyed people asking this very question; here's what we found out. Read More . The service provides the ability to create up to five different profiles on one account.

Furthermore, Netflix doesn’t limit the number of devices on which you can install and use the Netflix app. Instead, the only limit is the number of screens you can watch Netflix on at the same time. The Basic Plan lets you only stream on one device at a time. However, with a Standard or Premium account, you can simultaneously watch on two or four separate devices, respectively.


Since Netflix analyzes your viewing habits to make recommendations, it’s nice to have one profile for yourself, another for your spouse or roommate, and more for anyone else sharing your account.

5. It’s Easy to Search Through the Netflix Library

netflix browse catalog

Netflix’s browsing features and algorithm for recommendations have never been stellar. However, the service has improved these features significantly. As of 2020, you can now see the top 10 streamed content in your country—a list that is regularly updated.

Browsing categories on the service is also easier, with the homepage split into a variety of popular categories that you can expand to explore more. On the Netflix website, you can hover over series to see their trailers and expand the preview to get more information without leaving the homepage.

Another useful feature is the ability to browse upcoming movies and series and add reminders for when they arrive on the service.

6. Netflix Is Still Relatively Affordable

netflix cost in usa

The Basic plan for Netflix only costs around $9/month. This, taking into consideration the amount of existing content and Netflix’s regular rollout of new originals, means you get access to a vast amount of content for an affordable price.

If you want to stream in HD and on two devices at once, then you’ll want the Standard plan. That’s around $14/month and costs less than some cinema tickets—unlocking an entire library of high-resolution feature films to enjoy whenever you want.

Even the highest Premium plan, available for around $16/month, is relatively affordable—especially considering it’s the starting price for some other streaming services. But most users probably don’t need it. The only extra benefits are the ability to watch certain titles in 4K Ultra HD and the ability to stream on up to four simultaneous devices.

Regardless of the plan you choose, the value-per-dollar for Netflix subscriptions is appealing.

7. You’ll Be Spending More Time at Home in 2020

2020 will be remembered as the year COVID-19 changed everything. Even when lockdowns are lifted, life won’t return to normal for months and social distancing will remain the norm for the foreseeable future.

This means that you’ll be spending a lot more time at home this year. An affordable streaming service that regularly rolls out new content alongside a vast catalog of older content provides a useful way to kill boredom while stuck at home.

8. Netflix Brings New Creators to the Global Stage

netflix independent movies

Netflix’s freedom from needing to worry about box office returns or prime-time ratings means that it has diverged from the typical Hollywood formula. This gives it the ability to fund and distribute independent content from creators outside of Hollywood and even the United States.

This has resulted in unique stories and voices entering the global stage. In 2019, Roma became the first Mexican film to win an Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film. Meanwhile the Netflix original series Orange Is the New Black has been nominated for and won multiple Emmy Awards while being celebrated for its diverse cast of women.

Netflix has also increasingly invested in International Netflix Originals, bringing global audiences critically acclaimed content such as Dark, 3%, and Kingdom. Meanwhile, discontinued foreign TV shows are often picked up and continued by the streaming service, such as the acclaimed Money Heist.

In many ways, Netflix provides access to the global stage for lesser-known creators and unique stories that may have never reached international audiences otherwise. And by subscribing to Netflix, you’re supporting this effort.

9. Netflix Allows Educational Screenings

When it comes to screenings of Netflix’s original documentaries, the streaming service grants permission to educators that want to show them to their students. This contrasts with some other studios and distributors, which require schools to buy licenses to show content to students.

While educators can’t stream family movies or series to students, the availability of documentaries provides useful educational content without requiring schools to pay for licenses.

Furthermore, when many students moved to learning from home in 2020, Netflix made some of its documentaries free to watch on YouTube You Can Now Watch Netflix Documentaries for Free on YouTube Netflix has uploaded its best documentaries to YouTube. Which means anyone can now watch them for free without a subscription. Read More . Subscribing to Netflix helps fund the continued creation of educational content like this.

So, Are You Going to Subscribe to Netflix?

So now you know the various reasons you should consider subscribing to Netflix this year. And you may even have the Netflix website open, ready and waiting.

If so, check out our ultimate guide to Netflix. And if not, check out our list of the best streaming TV services The Best Streaming TV Services (Free and Paid) Here are the best free streaming TV apps and the best paid streaming TV apps for all your entertainment needs. Read More for alternatives.

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