7 Reasons Why PC Gaming Is Better Than Console Gaming

Ben Stegner 17-12-2018

If you’re looking to get into video games, a console seems like an attractive choice. They’re readily available, have tons of great games, and offer media capabilities too.


However, PC gaming is by far the better option. Here are seven reasons why PC gaming is better than console gaming.

1. You Can Customize Your PC

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Consoles don’t offer many choices. The current generation has more powerful revisions (like the Xbox One X compared to the Xbox One S) and perhaps a range of internal storage options, but that’s about it.

When playing on PC, you have total freedom over everything about your machine.

If you don’t have a lot of money and want to build a cheap but respectable PC How to Buy a Cheap Gaming PC With an Nvidia Graphics Card Looking to build a cheap gaming PC? Dann Albright built an Nvidia-based gaming machine on-the-cheap. And he's going to show you how it's done for under $600. Read More ? No problem. Do you want to get the best graphics card money can buy and run games at max settings? That’s possible too.


You get to choose parts that are perfect for your needs instead of getting stuck with parts a console manufacturer chooses. Plus, a gaming desktop is easy to upgrade. If you need more storage or want to add some RAM, it’s a simple task to open the case and replace these.

Consoles offer few ways to improve the hardware aside from buying a brand new unit.

2. You Can Play Online for Free

One of the big hidden costs of a console is that online play requires a paid subscription. You need PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live Gold to get the most out of those systems’ online functions, and each costs $60/year. Even the Switch charges $20/year for online play.

PC games don’t have this restriction. Online play is free to enjoy as much as you want (aside from MMOs and other games that require their own subscription). That’s money saved that you can put towards essential PC gaming accessories New to PC Gaming? The Essential PC Gaming Accessories You Should Have Looking to get started with PC gaming? Here are the most essential PC gaming accessories you'll need to have a great time. Read More , or more games.


3. You Have More Controller Options

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For the most part, you’re stuck using the controller that comes with a console. But on PC, you can choose to control your games however you like.

For one, keyboard and mouse controls are objectively superior for FPS (first-person shooters) and RTS (real-time strategy) games. But for platformers and other genres that aren’t great with a keyboard, you can connect a controller to your PC and play with that.

Plus, many other gaming accessories are compatible with any PC. You can connect a steering wheel for racing games, joystick pads for a fighting game, or even a retro USB controller for emulating classic titles.


This lets you pick the best input method depending on the type of games you like to play.

4. You Can Enjoy the Best Possible Graphics

If you want to enjoy the best possible graphics in your games, playing on PC is your only option. PC games give you detailed controls over shading, textures, lighting, and other graphical elements.

And of course, with a powerful computer and high-end monitor, you’ll enjoy far better graphical quality than any console (even the more powerful revisions of this generation) can provide. Whether you want to experience the best of 4K gaming or run games at a super-high frame rate, you can achieve it with the right hardware.

5. You Can Buy Games From Anywhere

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On a console, aside from buying physical copies of games, your only digital download options are from official stores (like the Nintendo eShop or PlayStation Store). While these are perfectly serviceable, PC players have so many more options.

Steam is the premier PC digital distribution platform, and it’s known for its blowout sales a few times a year. But it’s far from the only option.

GOG offers DRM-free games for those who don’t want any restrictions. Green Man Gaming has great discounts available regularly. And the Humble Bundle allows you to get tons of games at a heavily discounted price, while supporting charity at the same time.

Thus, you aren’t locked into a single platform for buying games on PC. And often, deals are deeper and more frequent than on consoles. In fact, PC players have several options for getting free premium games How to Get Free PC Games: 4 Sites to Download Premium Games Want great games, but don't want to pay? Here are the best sites to download premium games for free. Read More .

6. You’ll Have Full Backwards Compatibility

Backwards compatibility lets you play old games on newer systems. It’s a great way to increase the value of a console, as you don’t have to keep the old system and have a larger pool of games to choose from.

On PC, you can play pretty much any game released for Windows in the past decade with little trouble. Games still available on Steam that were released for a prior console generation should work fine on modern PCs. And for really old games, many have received ports to make them playable on modern versions of Windows.

You may have to apply some workarounds to get old PC games working How to Run Old Games and Software on Windows 10 Old PC games and software can struggle on Windows 10. Try these tips to get your old Windows games and programs running on Windows 10. Read More . But with a bit of effort, almost anything is playable. Unlike with modern consoles.

The Xbox One has great backwards compatibility, but this isn’t the case for every console. Nintendo’s Switch doesn’t play Wii U games, and the PS4 has no backwards compatibility to speak of. A system that can play games from years gone by, like PC, is an excellent investment.

7. PCs Do More Than Just Gaming

Spending a huge chunk of cash on a gaming PC might seem daunting. However, a powerful PC is great for all sorts of other tasks too.

With the specs required for high-end gaming, your computer can also handle intensive tasks like video editing. Of course, it will soar through general productivity work like checking email and working in Microsoft Office. And you can even put your PC to work as a media server or other cool uses.

Instead of buying a console and a cheap computer that will die out before long, you can have one device that excels at both tasks. Which is a much better deal.

Are You Ready to Start Gaming on PC?

We’ve laid out some major reasons why PC gaming beats playing on consoles. It mainly comes down to the freedom to customize your system and play style as you wish. A beefy gaming computer will last you for years and you’ll have an enjoyable experience the whole time.

Have you decided you want to give it a try? Then why not follow our guide to building your own PC and see where it takes you.

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