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Real Life Interactions Can Start With Facebook: Here’s How [Weekly Facebook Tips]

Angela Randall 04-03-2014

It’s easy to write off Facebook as a way to waste your life online rather than having actual real life friendships. Facebook wants to change this attitude.


Recently, Facebook has released a bunch of adverts to real-life audiences to show how Facebook actually augments and facilitates real life activities, rather than supplanting them. I wholeheartedly agree that Facebook is generally the means to an end, rather than the whole interaction.

This is something much of the older generations don’t seem to understand: social networks are another way to communicate, just like the telephone and letters in your postbox are.

Yes, Facebook is a place where photos are shared and conversations are started that lead to nowhere, but they’re not the only conversations that happen. Events are created, old friends are kept in the loop and friends-of-friends are quickly able to become better friends. Facebook makes these things easy and therefore has changed the way we communicate.

Tango Classes

This video really nails it. If you ask your friends on Facebook for a good dance instructor, then you’re both taking up a new class and meeting new people. This update took you a couple of seconds to write, yet the results changed your social life forever.


One Friend

This happens all the time. A depressed chat message or status update on Facebook often leads to a spontaneous visit from a good friend.

The Runner

When you announce your goals to your friends, you are more likely to follow through. Especially if they’re all cheering you on and giving advice via Facebook.


Couch Skis

Fun stuff happens offline. These days, someone will usually share it on Facebook within minutes and you just might find yourself with enough time to join in before it’s all over. Way better than the days of sitting at home waiting for your friends to call you and tell you where they are, huh?

Facebook Can Lead You To Real Life Interactions

If you’re a little socially awkward or you don’t believe Facebook really does lead to real life interaction, try these ideas:

Okay, So Facebook Sometimes Replaces Real Life

The “Facebook does lead to real life interactions” argument falls down when you’re using Facebook to interact with friends and family who live a long way from you, or if you’re a stay-at-home parent. In these and other cases, Facebook can be your only contact with these people.


However, I still feel that it helps to stay in touch with the minutiae of their lives and therefore leaves you more in touch with their goings-on when you do finally chat in person or in a call.

In fact, interacting somewhat via Facebook can actually cause you to realise you’re both online at once and start a spontaneously chat or video call. It can really keep you closer to these people who live at a distance. Trust me on this, I’m both an expat and a mum.

Facebook’s entire series of adverts are called “Where will your friends take you?” and can be found in a YouTube playlist if you want to watch them all. Who knows, you might get inspired to use Facebook “the right way”.

What do you do to make Facebook lead to real-life fun? What works for you?


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  1. Vincent
    March 6, 2014 at 5:23 pm

    Great videos and so often true! I am creating more real time and real life interactions with fans via a client's page.

  2. James L
    March 5, 2014 at 5:56 pm

    A couple of years back we used FB as the means of organizing a reunion of some local bands from the early 1980's. A lot of us hadn't seen each other for nearly 30 years at that point. It was kind of like a school reunion, except with people you *LIKED* .

    • Angela A
      March 6, 2014 at 3:36 pm

      That sounds awesome.