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Ready for the Fashion of the Future? Try On These 10 Wearables Today!

Dan Price 25-07-2017

Tech companies aren’t content with turning your home into a sentient entity. Now they want to add your daily attire into the mix as well.


Wearables are the next frontier in the increasingly fast-paced world of smart technology. And I’m not just talking about fitness bands Fitbit vs. Garmin: Fitness Watches Compared In the market for a new fitness tracker? Then you've probably compared Fitbit vs. Garmin. We're here to help you decide which brand is best for you. Read More and smart watches; the amount of wearable technology that’s out there would amaze you. Some of it is useful, some is unnecessary, and some is downright weird.

Here at MakeUseOf, we’ve never been perturbed by the outrageous — after all, today’s wacky is tomorrow’s mainstream.

If you want to see what the fashion of the future looks like, keep reading. We’re going to introduce you to 10 items we’ll all be using in a few years.

1. Token Ring [Broken URL Removed]

Let’s start with a piece of jewelry. The $249 Token Ring can do an incredible number of things for such a small device.

The Token Ring lets you make payments in more than 15 million shops, unlock your front door, log in to apps and services, pay for public transport, and even start your car.


Far from a “here today, gone tomorrow” gadget, Token has partnered with Microsoft, Visa, Mastercard, and a whole host of other companies to bring you future-proof functionality.

2. Fever Scout [No Longer Available]

Fever Scout is a wearable thermometer aimed at concerned parents with sick kids. This wearable limits any fear children may have about having their temperature taken, and makes the process unbelievably easy for parents.

Parents can attach the 61mm x 41mm patch to their child’s body, and it’ll send continuous updates about the wearer’s body temperature to the accompanying Android or iOS app.

The app itself can send alerts if the person’s temperature changes suddenly, lets you keep personalized notes to monitor recovery, and displays all the data in a selection of charts and graphs.


You can buy Fever Scout from Amazon, Target, and Best Buy for around $60.

Fever Scout, Soft, Wearable, Smart Thermometer, continuously Measure Temperature, Accurate, Medical Grade, FDA Cleared, Remote Monitoring on Smartphone Fever Scout, Soft, Wearable, Smart Thermometer, continuously Measure Temperature, Accurate, Medical Grade, FDA Cleared, Remote Monitoring on Smartphone Buy Now On Amazon

3. Smarter Socks

Smarter Socks are one of the strangest items in this list. I looked at a pair of smart socks when I discussed some of the oddest smart technology in the world, but these feet adornments take smart clothing in an entirely different direction.

smarter socks


Rather than offering useful feedback on metrics such as number of steps and walking technique, the smart functionality in Smarter Socks focuses on organization.

Using a small sensor, your socks let you know how often they’ve been washed, whether their color has faded, and which socks belong together in a pair. If you like knowing these kinds of statistics, you can grab a pack of 10 pairs for $189.

4. Smart Pajamas [No Longer Available]

Yes, I know you love your little angel. And yes, I know spending time reading bedtime stories to your child is something that should be cherished. But as a parent, you have to admit it can become a little tiresome to narrate the same story five times a week.

So, why not let Smart Pajamas do the hard work? They come pre-loaded with 90 storybooks that cover nursery rhymes, fairy tales, and other kid-friendly literature. Just scan the dots on the PJs with the smartphone app, and the books will start playing.


5. PetPace Collar

Wearables aren’t just for humans — now your furry friend can proudly show off his wearables at the dog park thanks to the PetPace Collar.

petpace collar

The collar constantly monitors your pet’s vital signs and behavior patterns and reports anything unusual to your smartphone. This allows you to take care of your pet’s medical problems long before you may notice any symptoms yourself. You can also buy a monitoring plan subscription that will automatically alert your vet at the first sign of trouble.

Plans start at $159.

6. LikeAGlove Leggings

It’s not always easy to find jeans that fit. No two brands are exactly the same size, shape, or cut, making fitting rooms a nightmare for many. LikeAGlove Leggings want to remove the element of the unknown by precisely measuring your size.

Using a built-in Bluetooth sensor, they connect to a smartphone app and calculate your dimensions in less than five seconds.

The app uses the data it collects to scan for products that will fit you correctly. The LikeAGlove Leggings are affiliated with many well-known brands: Levi’s, Banana Republic, Old Navy, 7 For All Mankind, Gap, Citizens of Humanity, and American Eagle, and more. You can also use these leggings to easily track and record your measurements during weight loss through the app’s “progress” tab.

7. Athos Sports Wear [Broken Link Removed]

Smart clothes have excelled in the sports sector. The combination of monitoring and feedback is providing athletes with an unprecedented amount of real-time data.

athos sports wear

One of the leading brands for regular consumers is Athos. The company’s range of smart clothing offers biometric tracking, muscle activity monitoring, heart rate measurements, a calorie counter, and an activity timer.

A variety of products are available, including shirts, shorts, and leggings.

8. Solar-Powered Jackets

There’s nothing more annoying than running out of juice when you’re miles from a power source. Sure, you could take a portable power pack with you, but what if there was an easier way?

silvrling solar-powered jacket

Thanks to Silvrling, there is. The company offers a range of clothes that have a solar panel built in. They might not look particularly trendy (it’s hard to look cool when you’re sporting a notepad-sized solar panel in your front pocket), but they certainly get the job done.

I just have one question: why would anyone want a solar-paneled raincoat?

9. Spectacles by Snap [No Longer Available]

Google took smart glasses into the mainstream with Google Glass back in 2013. Although the Google devices were arguably before their time and ultimately died a slow death, Snapchat has picked up the smart glasses baton and is running with it.

Spectacles by Snap Snapchat Spectacles: Everything You Need to Know in a Snap Over the past few days, Snapchat has rebranded to Snap Inc. and it launched a new hardware product called Spectacles. The app still remains "Snapchat" though. Here's the full rundown. Read More include a button that when pressed, records a 10-second video from the wearer’s perspective. The camera is even surrounded by glowing lights so everyone knows you’re recording live.

The eyewear automatically sends any footage you grab to Snapchat as a memory. From there, your friends can watch it.

The glasses come in coral, teal, or black and cost $129.99.

SnapChat 2016 Spectacles - Sunglasses SnapChat 2016 Spectacles - Sunglasses Buy Now On Amazon $129.99

10. Thync

How do you unwind after a long day at work? Most people run themselves a hot bath, cook a nice meal, or watch their favorite TV show.

If you’re looking for a more futuristic stress remedy, check out Thync. You wear the device on your neck or forehead. It promises to reduce anxiety, lower stress, and improve your sleep quality. It works by using low-level electrical stimulation to activate nerves in your head.

On the Thync website, the company claims four out of five people feel a positive effect from the therapy. Frankly, given the device costs $149 upfront and a further $29 per month, an 80 percent success rate doesn’t sound too encouraging.

Give Us Your Fashion Tips

I’ve shown you 10 pieces of wearable technology that are starting to make a name for themselves.

How useful do you this smart clothes and other wearables are? Are gadgets such as these a sign of what to expect in the future? Or are they an unnecessary fad from companies who want to capitalize on the smart home revolution? Would you ever wear any of them yourself?

You can let us know your opinion on wearables and the fashion of the future in the comments below. And don’t forget to share the article with your friends to see what they think.

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