ReadItToMe For Android: Hear Incoming Caller ID & SMS Spoken Aloud (Android)

Tim Brookes 09-05-2013

Whether you rely on text-to-speech for accessibility due to a visual impairment, or simply often find yourself in a situation where glancing at the screen is not a viable option; a text-to-speech app might just be what you need. If you spend a long time driving, in the gym or with your phone in your pocket, ReadItToMe might just be the free text-to-speech app you’ve been looking for.


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The app performs most basic functions expected from such an app, including reading incoming messages and caller names aloud so you can concentrate on what you’re doing rather than a screen. As well as basic reading aloud the app has a few other advanced features such as the ability to translate heavily condensed “txt spk” into English. The app can also be set to use certain devices or start automatically when connecting to a Bluetooth accessory 6 Top Uses For Bluetooth On Your Android Phone Bluetooth has been an impressive wireless technology to enable all sorts of cool functionality with multiple gadgets. While it was rather limited during the early stages of its life, Bluetooth has evolved to be capable... Read More of your choice, such as a hands-free kit.

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Provided your phone’s text-to-speech engine supports it, ReadItToMe supports any language (just make sure you have the voice engine installed). There is a contact blacklist for deciding which contacts will always be read aloud and plenty of customisable extras. There is an enhanced version of ReadItToMe called ReadItToMe Pro [No Longer Available] which supports voice commands, allowing you to reply to and call contacts using your voice. You can improve the performance of this feature by pre-recording commands so the app can better identify your intentions. The pro version also includes support for all incoming notifications from other apps.


  • Hear incoming messages and caller IDs spoken aloud.
  • Translate txt spk into readable English.
  • Profiles and automatic activation allows you to activate the app when connecting to certain devices.
  • Supports any language your phone’s TTS engine supports.
  • Upgrade to pro for voice control and all notifications.

Check out ReadItToMe for Android @ Google Play [No Longer Available]

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