Reader Isn’t The Only One – Alternatives For 3 Dead Google Services

Craig Snyder 23-04-2013

Over its long course serving us as the overlord of the Internet, Google has had some good ideas and some bad ideas. I remember first hearing of Google. I was a loyal Yahoo! search engine user, even past the time when Google was considered to be top dog. But eventually I had to cave in and switch. It’s the same with browsers – I was a Firefox The User's Guide to Firefox Does your current browser have advanced security options? Does it sync your settings across devices? Can you manage your tabs easily? These are all things Firefox can do for you. Read More fanatic up until six months ago, when I made the switch to Google Chrome. It’s just better. That’s as plainly as I can put it.


However, Google has pushed out some pretty interesting and obscure projects on the side. Google PowerMeter, for example, was a way to keep tabs on how much energy you’re using in your home from a web interface. Never heard of it? You’re probably part of the great majority. I know there are some that you do remember and have been missing, though. Let’s revisit a few.

Google Answers

dead google services

Though it was never as well-known as some of the alternatives, Google Answers was an online knowledgebase. The difference between Google Answers and its competitors was that it required users to actually post paid bounties for very detailed and researched answers. In the age of the wiki, you don’t need this. The Internet has everything. Though Google Answers hasn’t disappeared into a cloud of dust, it is no longer accepting questions.

So what has come along to replace Google Answers?

Yahoo! Answers

This is probably the first thing that comes to mind. It’s a free service that provides similar functionality. The answers submitted here are community-submitted, based on votes, and are sometimes very unreliable.



Quora is probably the best resource on the Internet for this purpose. It came around in 2010 and has grown huge since then. On Quora, users can collaborate to answer questions by editing the questions themselves and even suggesting edits to users’ answers. It’s a very open format and the Quora community is filled with helpful people.

As the name makes pretty clear, Google Desktop was essentially Google for your desktop. Using this application, you’d be able to add widgets to your Windows, Mac, or Linux desktop that would allow you to search through all files, emails, web history, and more. While there are a handful of options that could replace the functionality of Google Desktop, two stand out.

If you’re a Windows user, Windows Search 6 Awesome Alternatives to Windows Search Does a Windows system search take you longer to find things than a manual search? You're not alone. Let us show you more efficient Windows search tools. Read More is a piece of Microsoft’s operating system that seems to be constantly changed and improved with each advancing version. Google Desktop was most popular in the XP days, but today all of the features it once provided are practically included in Windows right out of the box by using the search field in the Start menu.

There’s also Everything. Like Google Desktop, the name says it all about this search tool. Google Desktop was an attempt at allowing you to search your computer for anything and everything, and this free application allows you to do such tenfold more effectively. Everything is the elite software in this field and we’ve put out several articles that highlight its features Portable Everything Makes File Searching Instant On Your PC Read More . It’s simply the best way to search your Windows system.



dead google services

iGoogle isn’t being put to rest until November 1, 2013, but it’s the Google service that I’ve put the most hours into. For many years, my browser’s starting page has been iGoogle. It gives me everything I want all on a single page, and I’ll really miss it. iGoogle obviously puts a huge emphasis on elements of Google like their search, RSS reader, and more. The alternatives available are actually much more extensive and flexible.

Netvibes How to Create a Real News Feed with RSS Combine RSS outputs with a couple of third-party tools and create a single customized news feed which only contains legitimate stories you care about. We show you how in this step by step guide. Read More is easily the consensus winner when you’re looking for a virtual dashboard to match, and even better than what iGoogle offered. Though paid accounts are available, I used a free Netvibes account for some time and was overwhelmed by the options available. If you used iGoogle and enjoyed it, you do not need to pay for this service. It offers everything and more.

Last year, Tim put out a great article that introduced six alternatives to iGoogle Great Personalized Start Pages: 6 Alternatives To iGoogle If you’ve not yet heard, Google plans to pull the plug on iGoogle in November 2013 in addition to a few other services like Google Video and Google Mini. Though the company have yet to... Read More . Netvibes was on his list. Give that article a look if Netvibes doesn’t offer what you’re after, but I’m very confident in the service. Make sure you check it out.


What other fallen Google services have you had an interest in? We’ve all heard about Google Reader’s upcoming retirement, and we’ve also got a great article to show some viable alternatives Google Reader's End Is Nigh: Prepare With These Alternative RSS Readers Google Reader is dead. By July the Internet's premier RSS service is shutting down forever, leaving users to find a replacement on their own. If you're looking for an equivalent to Google these are just... Read More . Let us know which products and services you miss and we’ll get some discussion about the next best things in the comments section below!

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  1. George Oneday
    May 23, 2013 at 11:29 am

    Since iGoogle is closing, any valid replacement is welcome. But, in my opinion why settle with just a replacement? If you want a real UPGRADE that add value to your startpage, I warmly recommend to everyone, to try [Broken URL Removed]

    It’s a brand new platform, and an upgrade from so many points of views.

  2. donviejo
    April 24, 2013 at 12:26 am

    Having tried most of the proposed alternatives, I too come out for igHome. What it lacks in gadgets, which are increasing rapidly, it makes up in terms of looks and feel. I find it a first-class replacement with almost the same look and feel of iGoogle. Still a little rough around the edges but a more than serviceable and simple start page. After all, it is really just a start page.

  3. Art Spencer
    April 23, 2013 at 4:21 pm

    Yeah, Google Calendar Sync replacement would be fantastic. I'm also looking for a replacement for Wonder Wheel, which was an excellent research tool, especially for students.

  4. Iambeaker
    April 23, 2013 at 1:13 pm

    Is there any replacement for Google Calendar Sync? I used it to sync my Outlook calendar and my Google Calendar. I know there is a Google App but it requires my IT department and they refuse to install anything Google.

  5. Chris Moran
    April 23, 2013 at 11:20 am

    I have found that is the one that works best for me, good rss feeds and I can also customise the black bar links at the top. Protopage is too much hard work, and has big banner ads. Netvibes looks worth a try, but I'll take some convincing.

  6. Scott M
    April 23, 2013 at 10:31 am

    I use Qoara quite a bit.There are many experts on a multitude of subjects at that site.My only beef is that if its a well liked question you can sometimes get 50-60 emails in your box with answers.Actually its not a beef.It just shows how well the site performs.I'm very happy with the answers that I receive.

  7. Kyle B
    April 23, 2013 at 4:01 am

    I think the iGoogle replacement will be Google Now on desktop.

    • Diane Elhard
      April 24, 2013 at 1:56 am

      I think this as well, but when will we be getting it? I also have an IPhone, so I'm anxious to get it there too. :)