Readable: Convert Websites to Text-Only Friendly Version
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Not all websites have fonts that can be conveniently read. Different people are comfortable with different types of fonts. Thanks to Readable, you can read text on any website in your preferred fonts and colors.

convert website to text only


Readable is a wonderful browser bookmarklet that lets you transform text on a site into a conveniently readable view. On Readable’s website you can select the font you are comfortable with. You choose the font family, its size, fonts of the headers, colors of the fonts, and the color themes. The changes you make can be previewed in real-time under the controls.

Readable: Convert Websites to Text-Only Friendly Version readable1

When you are done with your changes, simply drag the Readable bookmarklet to your browser’s bookmarks toolbar. Whenever you are on the article page of a website, click on this bookmarklet and get a cleaner, more readable view of the text. In case the bookmarklet fails to transform the text, simply highlight the text you want to convert before clicking on the bookmarklet. The bookmarklet also offers print options for the converted text.

Readable: Convert Websites to Text-Only Friendly Version readable2


Check out the Readable bookmarklet @

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  1. Naveen
    May 15, 2011 at 4:36 pm

    i prefer readability.Its perfect and flawless almost always works.some quirks with forums but otherwise perfect.