Read This Before You Share Your Passwords With a Friend

ROFL 15-07-2016

Do you share accounts with your friends Should You Share Your Netflix Password With Others? Is it stealing to share your Netflix password with others? We surveyed people asking this very question; here's what we found out. Read More ? Do you let them use Netflix, Hulu Plus Hulu Plus vs. iTunes vs. Netflix vs. Amazon Instant Video: Which Is Best? Hulu. iTunes. Netflix. Amazon Instant Video. The lifeblood of online cinema and television. The new wave of home media. The providers of endless entertainment in which pants are not necessarily required. They are the contenders... Read More , or Spotify 7 Web Apps to Make Spotify Better Than Ever Spotify is already pretty damn good, being one of the best music streaming services around. But there are ways to make Spotify even better, as these awesome web apps show. Read More ? Turns out, this can be a huge threat to your security. Seriously, check out the infographic below and you might just think twice you let a friend login with your credentials again!

Via LastPass

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  1. Anonymous
    July 15, 2016 at 9:00 pm

    A commercial for LastPass.