Read “The Daily” For Free Online Without An iPad [News]

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Read "The Daily" For Free Online Without An iPad [News] the daily1There’s been a lot of hype surrounding Rupert Murdoch’s latest news outlet, an iPad-only “newspaper” called The Daily, and now you can see for yourself what all the fuss is about without spending a cent.

The Daily puts all content from the application on the web just in case someone spots something they want to share with their non-iPad mates. This then takes you to a page with the shared news items and a big advert for The Daily, instructing you to get an iPad and subscription for a full edition. The service has purposefully made it difficult to find these shared items, but Andy Balo of has intervened with The Daily: Indexed.

Read "The Daily" For Free Online Without An iPad [News] thedaily

Andy explains: “I love journalism dearly and want to see new models emerge, and charging for content is a great way to align a media organization’s interests with those of its readership. That said, if you do charge for access, you can’t publish free versions to the web and hope that people don’t find them.

The project provides a completely unofficial table of contents for each edition of The Daily by scouring the web and posting the findings, daily (of course).

Read "The Daily" For Free Online Without An iPad [News] thedailyindexed

As this content is already available online, there is nothing illegal about what Andy’s doing: “I’m also very curious about their reaction. This isn’t illegal or a copyright violation “” all I’m doing is linking to the versions they’re publishing on their site.”

“The ability to link to any webpage without permission is part of what makes the web great, and it should never be discouraged. It’s also worth noting that Google’s slowly indexing all the articles too, and search engines aren’t blocked in their robots.txt file.

Check out The Daily: Indexed. Have you read The Daily yet? Will you? Is this the saving grace that journalism needs, or a fad that’s on the way out? Let us know in the comments.

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