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Raspberry Pi 3 Can Now Run Windows 10 ARM

Dave LeClair 13-02-2019

One of the coolest devices out there is the Raspberry Pi 3 How to Upgrade to a Raspberry Pi 3 Upgrading from an older Pi to the new Pi 3 is almost as simple as swapping out the microSD card. Almost - but not quite. Here's what you'll need to do first. Read More . It’s a tiny computer that doesn’t cost much at all, while remaining capable of some pretty incredible things.


Now, the Pi can add something new to its list of accomplishments, because some intrepid developers have managed to port Windows 10 ARM to run on the Pi, which is a game-changer for the future of the little computer.

Windows 10 ARM on the Raspberry Pi 3

While the news of the Pi running on the Pi 3 is pretty exciting, it does come with some caveats. The first one is that it’ll require a little bit of leg work to get up and running.

First of all, and this one might seem pretty obvious, but you’ll need a Raspberry Pi 3 B or B+. You’ll also need a microSD card with an A1 rating and at least 16GB of space. Lastly, you’ll need to snag a Windows 10 ARM64 image (you can get the image right here.)

You’ll also need a bunch of binaries and software that are available from GitHub. The process to use all of these is pretty painless, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble getting everything up and running on your Raspberry Pi.


Now, here’s the big one: Windows 10 ARM is extremely sluggish on the Raspberry Pi, regardless of whether you have the 3 B or B+. According to TechSpot, it’s usable for certain tasks, and you’ll need to emulate x86 programs, but for general day-to-day usage, it’s a bit too slow to be truly useful.

However, with all that said, it’s an exciting development in the Raspberry Pi space because of what it means for the future. With further iterations of the Raspberry Pi and tweaks to the Windows ARM platform, we could see a day in the near future where the Raspberry Pi serves as an incredibly cheap Windows 10 PC.

In the meantime, it’s still pretty cool to run Windows on the Pi, and it’s just a matter of how patient you are with a slow computer.

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Image Credit: HandmadePicture/DepositPhotos

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