RapidReddit: Have New Posts Automatically Loaded In Your Reddit Stream [Chrome]

Are you tired of clicking on the Next button on Reddit The Awesome Guide to Reddit Wonder how your friends always find cool stuff on the Internet before you? They're probably using Reddit, the self-proclaimed "front page of the Internet". Read More lists? If yes, then you should check out a Chrome extension called RapidReddit.


RapidReddit is a free to use tool that comes in the form of a browser extension for the Google Chrome web browser. The extension is heaven-sent for Reddit fans because it makes discovering new content on Reddit 5 Ways To Find The Best Obscure Subreddits On Reddit Since its surge in popularity in 2006, Reddit has truly become the epicenter of social news and information. We're in an age where the newspaper is gradually inching towards extinction as more and more people... Read More to be very easy. On Reddit’s native interface you have to browse through categories, then click on links, and click on the ‘Next’ button on the bottom of every page to load new entries in your Reddit stream. RapidReddit takes the inconvenience out and it automatically disappears links that you click on.

So, for example, if you clicked on the post that showed Gary Oldman’s characters, you will not find that post anymore in the original stream. The post will be viewable only through the Recent menu that can be accessed from the top right of the page. In place of the original post, a new post will be positioned. In this way, you never have to click on the Next button because new content keeps on loading when you open a link.


To view the new interface offered by the extension, simply click on the extension’s icon placed in the browser’s address bar. Many Reddit fans who visit the network on Chrome are already using Reddit Companion, an extension that provides integration of the network with your browser. Users of this extension will be pleased to know RapidReddit works well with Reddit Companion.


Check out RapidReddit @ https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/rapidreddit/gkankeeflokehbfdkoooobelngkplpod?hl=en

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