Random Net Stuff: 5 Ways to Randomly Find New Things Online

Justin Pot 15-08-2015

Remember when everything on the web felt…new? Back when “surfing the web” was a common expression, and part of the joy of using the Internet was making random discoveries.


Is that feeling of serendipity gone forever? It doesn’t have to be.

Today Cool Websites and Apps offers sites for exploring the web at random. From discovering useful websites to seeing sheep on Google Street View, today we’re going to point out five great starting points for exploring the web.

We once told you about The Useless Web, which randomly shows you useless websites The Useless Web - StumbleUpon For The Strange Side Of The Internet There are thought to be around 7.6 billion pages on the Web at the time of writing. Even I, someone who spends most of their life online in some capacity or other, would never be... Read More – today let’s find more websites like that, starting with something a little more…useful.

Random Useful Websites: Discover Your Next Favorite Tool

Remember the first time you found Wunderlist, or Gmail? Services like these eventually became part of your workflow, but before that they were unknown to you. There’s a good chance other insanely useful sites are out there, waiting for you to discover them, and this site can help.



The site itself couldn’t be easier: just click a button and you’ll be sent to a useful site in a new tab. Explore the new site and see if you like it. If not, just close the tab and click the button again – there’s seemingly no end to the recommended sites. I’ve explored this a great deal and am yet to see the same thing twice – I hope you’ll share your discoveries.

RandomStartup: Learn About New Startups

Today they’re massive companies, but sites like Google and Dropbox started out as a couple of people with an idea. Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be an early user of a site like that? If so, Random Startup is well worth checking out.


Open the site and you’ll be taken to a random startup right away; click the green button and you’ll be taken to another one. It’s a quick way to explore sites you almost certainly haven’t heart of, and possibly find a site or app you’ll eventually not be able to imagine living without. Let us know what you find, okay?

Comic Shuffle: Discover New Web Comics to Read

All these websites and startups, you might be asking…can’t we see something fun? Of course you can, and to start we’re going to check out some great webcomics 10 Awesome Webcomics Drawn Just for Geeks Webcomics are arguably more popular now than they ever have been before. This is mainly due to a marked increase in the quality of content, with some webcomics being both magnificently written and magnificently drawn.... Read More . Head over to Comic Shuffle and you’ll see a random strip from one of 27 popular webcomics.


This is a great way to kill time and potentially find a new favorite webcomic, so dive in! Let us know anything you discover in the comments below.

YouHole: Random YouTube Videos with >500 Views

Hundreds of hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute, but I bet you mostly just watch the videos everyone else has already seen. If you’d like to discover something new, before everyone else, check out YouHole. This site shows you a barrage of videos with fewer than 500 views, so you know you’re among the first to see something.


Open the site and a video will start playing; click to skip to the next video. That’s it.

If you prefer, you could just check out a random YouTube comment with no context whatsoever. That’s fun too.

Google Sheep View: Invade Sheeps’ Privacy

It’s an important question: where can I find sheep on Google Street view? If you’ve lost sleep wondering this, good news: you’ll be counting sheep in no time. This site serves as a collection of sheep locations on Google Street View, and nothing else.


It’s simple, sure, but strangely delightful.

If you’d prefer to jump to a random location on Google Street view, regardless of whether there’s sheep or not, check out MapCrunch, one of the many sites for virtual globetrotting 6 Websites To Do Some Virtual Globetrotting With Google Street View Google Street View is a feature both on Google Maps and Google Earth that brings you panoramic 360 degree views from many locations around the world. It started from the United States and now embraces... Read More we’ve outlined before.

What Will You Discover?

The web is a vast network of seemingly unconnected things. You could spend all day exploring it, refreshing a page like just so you can pick a color scheme like a pro How To Pick A Color Scheme Like A Pro Colors are tricky. It might seem easy enough to pick a handful of colors that look good together, but as any designer who has spent hours tweaking shades will tell you: it's tricky. Read More .

But we want to know which sites you love using to find random things. Maybe you like to explore random subreddits Random Reddit: 10 Bizarre Subreddits You Need To Explore [Weird & Wonderful Web] You don't love Reddit? You should, because it's an awesome resource for content of every possible description. If you don't believe me then read on to discover the stranger side of Reddit. Read More , or chat with strangers 3+ Sites To Chat With A Random Stranger Read More . However you use the random web, let’s chat about it in the comments below. I can’t wait to hear from you.

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  1. Anonymous
    August 20, 2015 at 6:36 am

    Regarding: Random Useful Websites - May I quote you from your description of the site:

    'I’ve explored this a great deal and am yet to see the same thing twice."

    A 'Great Deal" in YOUR case can't be more than 25 - 30 times! Repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat! Nice site but basically useless after more than 30 clicks on the "Let's Go" button. Just opened site for the 3rd. day and EVERYONE of the 40 clicks I did took me to repetitive sites on END. NOTHING NEW whatsoever today.

    If you want to use this site, I highly recommend that you use it once every 3 - 4 months!

    But I will say that I DID find more than a few interesting sites I really like! My suggestion: use it for an hour or so and then come back in 3 months!

  2. Anonymous
    August 18, 2015 at 1:48 pm

    Youhole works for me (the static only lasts a second as a transition between videos) and it's cool, but it doesn't have any way of bookmarking the videos, watching them on YT, play/pause, or anything. Left-clicking anywhere switches to another video. I couldn't even close the banner ads that popped up at the bottom, and at least 3 times I didn't get to see an entire video because I accidentally clicked the screen. I'd love to have a playback bar or whatever that thing at the bottom of videos is called.

  3. Anonymous
    August 17, 2015 at 2:36 pm

    You've said youhole shows videos with "fewer than 500 views" but used ">500" in the title, isn't that the greater-than symbol?

  4. Anonymous
    August 16, 2015 at 2:03 pm

    I found that Youhole works for me if i left-click on screen or wait for a few seconds, same with ad blocker on or off. Seems pointless though.

    The Random Stuff site returns the exactly same sites over and over. Tried yesterday and this morning; same stuff over and over.

    Stumble Upon works well.

  5. Anonymous
    August 15, 2015 at 1:55 pm

    Youhole doesn't work for me.Got to a website with snow and white noise.Clicking on the screen doesn't do anything.How come there is no mention of Stumbleupon?

    • Justin Pot
      August 15, 2015 at 5:53 pm

      This column tries to point out things that MakeUseOf hasn't covered before, which is why I didn't include StumbleUpon, but you're right: I should have at least mentioned it. As for Youhole: adblockers might be a problem, but I'm not sure.