Random Name Selector: A Free Web App to Pick a Name Randomly From a List

MOin 12-04-2011

Teachers often wonder which students to pick when it comes to assigning tasks, picking volunteers, etc. Here to make their job a little easier and to make the selection more random is a web service called Random Name Selector.


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Random Name Selector is a free web app that selects a name randomly from the list you provide it with. You can specify the names of students by clicking the “Change names” button. Next you click on the “Save and share” button to obtain a short URL of the selection tool and its embeddable code.

random name selector

Finally you click on the “Go” button to randomly select a name. After being selected the app says the name out loud.

Random Name Selector: A Free Web App to Pick a Name Randomly From a List random2


Under each name you will find a stopwatch corresponding to 2 and 7 minutes. These can be used to assign duration-oriented tasks to students. For example you could randomly pick a student and ask him to do a particular task for 7 minutes; after his time is up you can remove his name from the list and randomly pick another who will continue the same task for another 7 minutes.

Since the app is a random selection tool, you can use it to randomly select any object from a list after you type it.


  • A user-friendly web app.
  • Lets you randomly select names from a list.
  • Lets you type in the list.
  • Provides shortened URL and embeddable code for the selection tool.
  • Lets you assign time durations to your selection: 2 minutes or 7 minutes.
  • Similar tools: Tweetaways, Sorteie and Random Name Picker Random Name Picker Read More .

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