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Random Generosity: 4 Subreddits Where Strangers Pay It Forward

Craig Snyder 17-09-2014

As if there aren’t already enough cool things to love about Reddit 5 Cool Things You Should Know About Reddit Read More , I’m about to open your eyes to four more. Did you know that there is a entire Reddit subculture completely dedicated to doing random, nice things for complete strangers?


You mean you’ve never had someone from the Internet order you a pizza? Thirty random people haven’t sent your mother a birthday card? You’ve never even had a free Steam game donated to you? Let’s change that!


Before we get into specifics, let’s open up with the catch-all subreddit of this type: /r/RandomKindness.

The limitations of /r/RandomKindness, from an offerer’s standpoint, only exist in relation to how kind a person you are! If you have something to give, chances are that there is someone out there who would genuinely appreciate it.


Even the people looking to receive kindness can often come across as pretty heartwarming. The subreddit sections off posts as offers or requests, also requiring users to tag and specify posts by location (be it by country, city, or web). You can’t go asking for money. You can’t go looking for charity.



/r/RandomKindness is just a great place and experience overall. I recommend it as your first stop to get acquainted with this side of Reddit.


/r/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon exemplifies so many great things in one package. It’s a clinic on how one of the Internet’s biggest stores and social communities can combine to make something magical.

The end-game over at this subreddit is very simple. Just about everyone here has a wishlist that they add as their flair. By complete surprise or request, the wonderful people of this close-knit community randomly gift one another by accessing these wishlists. The system works so seamlessly because of how simple Amazon makes this for both sides. Pretty much everyone uses Amazon (and you should check out our Amazon guide if you do). It’s simple for the receiver to make a wishlist, and it’s simple for the sender to browse a wishlist and make a purchase. You don’t even need to have their address. Just have to have the money available to get them what they want. The process takes seconds.



The subreddit is filled with “shoutouts” of sorts, where people make public posts directed at people from the subreddit that they’ve gifted. These are typically link posts, linking directly to screenshot proof of the purchase screen. Some people mention what they’ve purchased. Some people leave it a surprise.


This subreddit is more friendly and social than every other of it’s type, too. They hold special activities, contests, and eventually they even venture out into the real world together and meet up. It’s really a special part of Reddit that almost operates independently as its own little forum community. It’s cool to see.



It’s safe to say that Reddit and the gaming community have had a very long and close relationship. Reddit really loves gaming. Many gaming subreddits are more active and respected than the official forum communities provided by the game developers’ themselves. Reddit is a platform that gamers really seem to appreciate. That being said, it’s no secret why /r/RandomActsOfGaming has more than 35,000 subscribers.


/r/RandomActsOfGaming is one of the fastest and most updated giveaway subreddits. They hit the nail right on the head by restricting request posts, too. This subreddit is filled with only giveaway and thanks posts. You’ll be surprised just how many awesome things are being given away here. As you can see in the screenshot above, there’s an entire Xbox 360 being offered by one user.

/r/RandomActsOfGaming is one of those subreddits that you don’t have to sit and hawk over all day to have a chance at scooping something up. If you check the subreddit every now and then, act respectful, and pounce when you see something you like, you’re pretty much guaranteed to eventually pick up a free game. If you’re short on patience, you can always check out one of these seven sites for free games How to Get Free PC Games: 4 Sites to Download Premium Games Want great games, but don't want to pay? Here are the best sites to download premium games for free. Read More .



Last, but certainly not least, we have my personal favorite: /r/Random_Acts_Of_Pizza! You know how /r/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon found that perfect formula I mentioned earlier in this post? /r/Random_Acts_Of_Pizza may not be entirely as automatic and fluid, but it is absolutely genius.

You go to this subreddit. You have the option or checking out the current offers, making a request, or setting up your own offer. People want pizza, and it’s that simple. Some people are willing to hook you up with gift cards. Others want to make your order for you. Never before have I seen a community that doesn’t revolve around the exchange of money, electronics, books, or anything like that. It’s all pizza.


There’s a bit of a catch to it, as a huge majority of this subreddit consists of request posts. It’s just the way the place operates. The great part is that there are a ton of generous people willing to grant the right request. Still, people do make offers.


I know firsthand, because an awesome Redditor by the name of Steve selected me for one of his giveaway offers. Thanks to him, I enjoyed $20 worth of Domino’s pizza, and I’ll be paying it forward to the subreddit this week!

If you don’t like pizza, or the idea behind this subreddit, you’re crazy. It’s awesome.


These are the kinds of hidden online communities that can really rekindle your love for the Internet. That’s not all, either. There’s still /r/randomactsofcoffee, /r/randomactsofcookies, /r/randomactsofchristmas, and /r/randomactsofpetfood! Go out and enjoy them, but remember that it’s better to give than to receive!

Let me know what you think about all of Reddit’s random acts in the comments below. Check out our Reddit guide The Awesome Guide to Reddit Wonder how your friends always find cool stuff on the Internet before you? They're probably using Reddit, the self-proclaimed "front page of the Internet". Read More to learn more on how you can utilize one of the best websites in the world!

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