JazzAndRain: Chill Out to Two of the Most Relaxing Sounds on Earth

Some things are simply better together – milk and cookies, gin and tonic, rain and jazz. If you’re a particular fan of the later combination, good news: JazzAndRain can combine them anytime, even in the frozen winter and sunny summer months. This simple site plays jazz music alongside the sounds of rainfall, meaning you can chill out to two of the most relaxing sounds on earth – rain slowly falling on a roof and a jazz band smoothly serenading.

Whether you want to bring down your heart rate so you can get focused and get things down or you just want to de-stress after a long day, JazzAndRain.com is the perfect website to leave open on any device.

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It doesn’t come across well in screenshots, as this is a strictly audio site. There isn’t even a visual player you can pause, or any place to see the name of the current track – all you can do to control your music is open and close the site. These shortcomings (or features, depending on your perspective) aside, the site does what it sets out to do admirably.

The rain can be a little distracting, admittedly, but if the combined sounds of rain and jazz are exactly what you need this is precisely the site you should be visiting.

Check out JazzAndRain @ JazzAndRain.com

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