Radio-Locator: Locate Radio Stations Across the US

Azim Toktosunov 28-04-2009

Radio Locator is a website which lets you locate radio stations across the US. Just type in your city/zip code or state and click “go” to get the list of available radio stations in nearest proximity. Filter stations by AM/FM, music format (Folk, Gospel, Jazz, Hip Hop etc.), distance from your location and reception range. The little yellow thunder icon on the left indicates that the station also broadcasts over the Internet.


locate radio stations

Click to get more info on the station: its online audio stream, website, contacts, address and the coverage map.


  • Find radio stations across the US.
  • Locate radio stations by zip code, city or state.
  • Filter stations by AM/FM, music format (Jazz, Hip Hop, Folk etc.) and reception range.
  • Stations that also broadcast their audio over the Internet are marked with a little yellow thunder icon.
  • Find unused vacant frequencies within the area.
  • Similar websites: NPRRoadTrip, One Llama and more.

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