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Quora Cracks Down on Anonymous Users

Dave Parrack 10-02-2017

Quora is cracking down on users’ ability to hide behind a veil of anonymity. The vast majority of actions will no longer be available to anonymous users, and everything else will be reviewed before publishing. The reason? The usual spammers and harassers, of course.


For the uninitiated, Quora is a website where some people ask questions, and other people answer them. Yes, it is a little like Yahoo Answers Yahoo Answers Now Has Its Own Standalone App Yahoo Answers now has its own standalone app. This mobile version of the inexplicably popular website lets you ask and answer questions from the comfort of your smartphone. Read More , but the quality of the questions and answers published on Quora is a little higher than those published on Yahoo Answers. Just.

Quora has always allowed people to post anonymously. This proved useful for people when “there were personal or sensitive experiences involved, or they were seeking or sharing knowledge in controversial topics”. However, the company now admits anonymity is “not without its faults”.

These faults are “spam and abuse”. Users have been hiding behind anonymous accounts to spread spam or engage in harassment. Quora is therefore making some changes to how anonymity works on the site.

Right to Review Anonymous Content

As detailed in a Product Updates post (and reported by TechCrunch), from March 20, 2017, the following changes will occur:

All anonymous content will be reviewed before it’s published. Quora is especially on the lookout for spam and the harassment of others Online Harassment Is Your Fault; Here's How To Fix It What happens to harassment victims who aren't good at interacting with the press, or do or say unpopular things? Read More , but users will still be able to report questions or answers if they spot other violations.


Anonymous users will only be able to submit questions or answers. Anonymous users will no longer be able to “upvote, comment, merge questions, suggest edits, send thanks, edit answer wikis, revert edit log operations, or send answer requests”.

Anonymity will now extend into Quora’s internal system. Previously, Quora would associate anonymous actions with the accounts of the users responsible. While this was never publicly revealed, Quora is disassociating anonymous content from user accounts altogether.

Ensuring Anonymity Isn’t Abused

Granting users anonymity is a tricky issue. It gives more people the confidence to use sites such as Quora, but it can also be used to do harm or wreak havoc. Which is why Quora has acted to ensure the right to anonymity is not being abused.

Do you regularly frequent Quora? Have you ever posted anonymously? If so, why? Do you understand the need to change the way anonymity works on Quora? Or do you think Quora is being a little heavy handed on this issue? Please let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Jno Wadle
    October 28, 2019 at 4:47 pm

    I regularly read and wrote comments on Quora. I chose anonymity to protect my identity, no website really makes any attempt to protect a users' identity. Now Quora is banning my usage of the website because of some policy... Shame on Quora! They're only thinking of themselves and their 'Policies' not thinking of their users and the protection of their identities.

  2. Frederica
    September 23, 2019 at 1:22 am

    I check Quora around three times a day, and all my actions are anonymous (although I mostly just read answers anyways). I do this because my friends and family would ridicule me for using Quora, and I write about things like my dreams to become a trainee (at JYP) which is also something people would laugh at me for. Although this is true, I have viewed so much anonymous spam that I think the crackdowns are okay, as long as I can still ask questions!

  3. Jamie Derksen
    July 27, 2018 at 6:59 pm

    My child's father follows me everywhere online and found my Quota account. He's been sending harassing comments and now I find him asking questions to make me look bad on the site, posted anonymously...
    I know it's him because we will be fighting about something and soon after, i jump on Quora and see he's posted some dumb question or comment with the exact content we just argued about. He's stalked and harassed me for years so I'd like Quota to make him go away. I'm an actual writer, on professional and I love this site. He is only doing it to make me look bad and to harass me like always. I agree with the crackdown.

  4. Saikat Basu
    February 14, 2017 at 7:03 am

    I believe in the truism that if you have something to say, say it directly. So, I think this is a good move.