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Tim Brookes 01-04-2013

There is no shortage of online tools aimed at teachers Spongelab: Lets Teachers Create Interactive Science Lessons Online Read More , many of which provide study materials and classroom exercises 20 Ways Everyday Life is Easier with Wolfram Alpha There is something about Wolfram Alpha. It makes complicated computations cool again. Here are 20 ways to put the engine to everyday use. Read More . Another such example is Quizdini, which sets itself apart from the rest of the crowd by being completely free and highly customisable. The online tool allows teachers to modify the materials and tailor the learning experience to their specific needs, with additional hints, links and even videos thrown in to enhance the learning experience.


learning resources for teachers

The website markets Quizdini as more of a game than a traditional learning tool, though it’s evident that the “game” is designed to teach rather than solely amuse. The system does not come with pre-prepared learning materials and questions, instead it is up to the educator to create the lesson plan they desire. There are no adverts on the service and the developers behind Quizdini promise to never store or track information about students and results with third-parties.

At present there are two main “games” or quizzes as Quizdini calls them. The original quiz is a simple multiple-choice that comes in a standard quiz format and another designed to enhance vocabulary. The other is a matching game that allows students to drag and drop matching squares onto each other in order to clear the board.


  • A free, completely customisable quiz system for teachers featuring two main modes (and more on the horizon).
  • No adverts or tracking, and no hidden fees!
  • Insert additional descriptions, images and videos to your quizzes using simple HTML.

Check out Quizdini @


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  1. Jackie Pedley
    September 26, 2013 at 12:51 am

    Quizdini registrations are closed. There is no indication as to when it will be back online.

  2. Jennifer Colestock
    April 9, 2013 at 2:49 pm

    Thank you so much for the review - it's great to see the tool we've created really getting out there and into the hands of the teachers and students who can enjoy using it to teach and to learn! We've got some fun updates coming soon - a fresher look, a survey tool, and more - so please check back and see what we're up to!

    Until then, just know that we are working to make Quizdini as awesome as the teachers who use it and the students who learn with it!

    Your Friends At Quizdini