Quite BASIC: Web-Based Classic BASIC Programming Environment

Azim Toktosunov 17-04-2013

If you studied programming in the early 90’s, BASIC was one of the first programs they taught you to program in. It stands for Beginner’s All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code. It was one of the most popular programming languages that came shipped with the very first personal computers back in the day. Although it is not as popular for desktop programming as it used to be due to many other more advanced and modern alternatives, it is still used by some programmers or even teachers in classrooms to teach the basics of programming.


So if you feel nostalgic about BASIC or maybe want to teach it to someone, check out Quite Basic. It is an online classic BASIC programming environment that lets you code in BASIC and compile results instantly from your browser. You can start coding right away and input code from the left window. Click the play button to see the code output in the right window.

You can start a new code or use one of code samples on the site. Code samples are categorized by type and difficulty – Basic, Mathematics, Algorithms and so on. Use the code,  edit it and click play to see the output.

Input code and click play button to see the output

web based basic programming

Output window



They even feature code samples for simple games like The Wall, Snake and Dots or Ping Pong. Once you click the play button, the game will be shown on the canvas at the right. If you forgot the basic syntax and functions, check out their help section, which offers a simple explanation for most common BASIC commands and functions.


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