Quicksand: Automatically Syncs Your Recent Files To The Cloud [Mac]

Justin Pot 06-04-2013

Automatically send the documents you’re working on to the cloud, regardless of what folder they’re stored in. QuickSand isn’t a cloud service – it’s a simple app that keeps track of your five most recently used files. An up-to-date copy of these five files are synced with the folder of your choice – ideally, one already synced by a program like Dropbox or Google Drive. It’s a simple concept, but it’s also kind of brilliant – the app makes sure whatever you’re working on right now is backed up and accessible from any computer anywhere.


sync your files to the cloud mac

This piggybacking on existing services means you don’t need to sign up for yet another cloud app – just install Quicksand and let it know where your existing sync folder is. Quicksilver will sync the files to there and your cloud service will handle the rest.

Quicksilver users your Mac’s “Recent Files” function to find files, but you can filter this. Let the program know which folders should be synced, and which files should be synced regardless of which folder they’re in. You can also set certain folders and file types to not sync, and limit the total amount of storage space used by the folder.


It’s an impressive app, and even more impressive when you consider the fact that the developer is 15 years old.



  • An easy to use Mac app.
  • Syncs you recently used files to the cloud, meaning you’ll never be without them.
  • Piggybacks off existing cloud services you already use, like Dropbox or Google Drive.
  • From the same developer: iCloDrive, Broomstick.

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