How To QuicklyShare Beautiful Photo Galleries With Dropbox

Jeffry Thurana 13-10-2010

dropbox photo galleryOne of the best ways to make use of the “dusty” pile of digital images on your hard drive is to share them with your friends and family. There are many ways to achieve that, such as sending them via email, uploading them to Facebook and/or Flickr, or setting up a photo gallery Build A Cool Photo Gallery Website from Wordpress Read More using WordPress to display the images.


All of those options above are fairly easy to set up and require a short amount of time to complete. But there’s nothing bad about having more options. I accidentally found one quick and easy method of sharing images when I was doing my How To Use Dropbox As Free Unblockable Image Storage For Your Blog How To Use Dropbox As Free Unblockable Image Storage For Your Blog Read More article, and I’d like to share my findings with you.

Dropbox Photo Galleries?

If there’s one application that never ceases to amaze me with its untapped potential of usage variations, it would be Dropbox.  It seems like every time I shift my perspective a little bit, I find other ways to utilize it.

This time I found out how to set up and share quick and easy photo galleries using Dropbox. This feature is not exactly hidden, but it’s mixed among other things so that I didn’t really notice it.  Here’s how you can set up photo galleries of your own.

  • Open your Dropbox folder on your computer and navigate to the “Photos” folder.

dropbox photo gallery

  • Create one or more folders inside the Photos folder. Each of these folders will become one photo gallery/album. Then put and arrange your pictures inside those folders and wait for the upload process to finish.

dropbox photo sharing

That’s it, you’ve just built yourself several photo galleries. Congratulations.

Enjoying & Sharing The Galleries

It seems hard to believe that building a photo gallery is that easy. So it’s only natural if most users wonder about the quality of the result. Why don’t we take a peek then?

  • Visit the Dropbox website under your account – or use the right click “Launch Dropbox Website” menu of the icon as a quick shortcut.

dropbox photo sharing

  • Go to the “/photos” folder by clicking this link or by choosing “Photos – Gallery” from the drop down menu.

dropbox photo sharing

  • You will see all of your photos grouped in albums/galleries. These albums are the folders inside your Dropbox “Photos” folder. Click one of the photo albums to view the content.

dropbox photo slideshow

  • Aside from the pictures, the album/gallery view will also provide you with the sharing link. You could copy the “Share this gallery with friends” link, paste it into an email (for example) and send it to your friends and family to share.

dropbox photo slideshow

Clicking on one individual picture will open it in the cool “lightbox-style” display – where everything is darkened out except for the images that you focus on. At the upper right hand side of the page, there’s the link to play all of the photos within that album as a slideshow.


The size of the main image will always be adjusted to the size of the browser window. If you view the gallery using a small screen computer, the images will also be small. That’s why there are options to view the images in full size and to save the images on a computer’s hard disk.

dropbox photo slideshow

If you want to close the album and move to the next one, click the “X” button at the upper right of the display.

One Additional Trick

Another alternative usage of these galleries – beside emailing your friends the share links, is to use them as redirection links of images in your blog post.


Upload one of the pictures in the photo album that you want to use in your post, and use the “share gallery” link in the “Link URL” field instead of the File URL of the image.

dropbox photo gallery

Now every time one of your blog readers clicks on the image, he/she will be taken to the shared Dropbox gallery. This is a great way to show a series of images on your blog while conserving the storage and bandwidth. Just be sure to set the gallery to be opened in another tab/window.

For something that you can build literally within seconds, these Dropbox Photo Galleries are so much better than decent. It’s perfect for those who want to quickly share their photo collections but don’t want to deal with the hassle of building the “usual” gallery. Plus, the images and the albums can be erased easily anytime you want just by deleting the folders inside your computer’s Dropbox “Photos” folder.

Have you tried to use the Dropbox photo gallery feature before? What do you think of it? Do you know of other similar alternatives? Please share using the comments below.

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