QuickLock: Easily Lock Your Mac With a Click Or Hotkey Shortcut

When your computer is at the workplace and you leave to get some water, you do not want somebody to come and tamper with your work. In similar other situations, you might want to disable physical access to your computer while you are away for a short period of time. For Windows users, this can be done easily using the Windows Logo key and the L key as a hotkey for locking the computer. But if you are a Mac user and want the same functionality, you will need to get an app called QuickLock.

easily lock mac

QuickLock is a free to use desktop application for Mac computers. The app comes in a ZIP archive sized at nearly 2.5 MB. Once you install the application, you can easily lock your Mac computer with a hotkey shortcut. Alternatively, the computer can be locked by a menubar click. To unlock the computer, you can type in your set password; you will not need to press the Enter key – typing the password will immediately unlock the computer.



  • A user-friendly desktop app.
  • Compatible with Mac computers.
  • Locks your computer easily.
  • Can be locked by hotkey shortcut or mouse click.
  • Can unlock computer by accepting password.

Check out QuickLock @ www.quicklockapp.com

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  1. no_reply@makeuseof.com
    November 8, 2012 at 8:53 am

    You can easily do the same thing with no additional software.

    1. Set your preferences to require a password when your screen sleeps, or goes on screen saver.

    2. Then set the upper left corner of your screen to turn on the screen saver.

    3. When you need to leave your computer, just put your cursor up in the upper left corner.