Quick Android Deals: Final Fantasy V Is On Sale!

Erez Zukerman 17-10-2013

Quick Android Deals is a weekly column listing great games and apps that are on sale right now. Act fast, and enjoy some great discount on these well-reviewed finds!



Spartacus Workout Collection [No Longer Available]: Previously $4, now $1.67. It’s an exercise apps for nerds who want to “get ripped” (their words, not mine). Doesn’t look all that beautiful judging by the screenshots, but it’s surprisingly well-reviewed.


Final Fantasy V: Previously $16, now $11. Yes, this epic title costs $11 on sale, and it’s still a 30% discount! Check out the video to see why it’s worth it.

Pacific Rim: Previously $3, now $1. This is the official tie-in game for the movie, where you get to control massive Jaeger mechs.

GA4: Revenant Rising [No Longer Available]: Previously $6, now $3. This is basically a choose-your-own-adventure book, turned into an Android app. It looks beautiful, and is highly rated (4.8 stars).

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