QK View: Quickly Create Online Shareable Cheat Sheets & Reference Guides

Umar 06-05-2013

QK View is a free to use web service that lets you easily create online notes in a way that makes it easy to create online cheat sheets and reference guides. You start by signing into the website by creating a new account; you can do this by signing up for a new account or by logging in through either Facebook or Twitter. After this step, you create a new ‘board’ which is basically where you publish guides for a particular application or procedure.


Each board can have its own name and description. By using the ‘Add Note’ button you are able to easily add new instructions as separate stickies to the board.

create quick reference guides

For the instruction steps, you can specify a note title, a note description, a subtitle, and a summary / note contents. You can add more steps within the same instruction by clicking the Add Topic button in the note. When you are done modifying the note’s contents, you can use the Save button to save the note. The color of the instruction sticky can be changed using the options in the bottom right of the note. You can have various notes on your board that are all variously colored.

You can use the notes’ colors and different titles on a board to do anything, from simply taking notes to creating manuals. To share the notes with others, you must share the link of the board. Visitors to the URL will be able to view the board’s contents as instructions, just as you made them.



Here is a demo YouTube video for you to check out how QK View works:


  • A user friendly web service.
  • Lets you create online boards of notes.
  • These boards can be shared via a URL.
  • Notes can have titles, descriptions, headings, content, and colors.

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