Qik: Streaming Video From Your Cell Phone To Others
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Have you ever wanted to stream live video from your mobile phone to others? If that’s yes, head to Qik. Qik makes streaming live video from your cell phone to others a piece of cake. What it does basically is capture video from the webcam on your mobile device and at the same time live stream it to anyone in the world via the internet. The process is easy – all you need to have is a web enabled mobile phone and a valid email ID.

streaming video from your cell phone

How it works?

    • 1. Sign up with the site for free


    • 2. Download the service to your mobile phone


    • 3. You must see a new application in your phone now


    • 4. Open it and wait as it gets connected.


    • 5. Once it’s connected, you are ready to go now.


    6. Ask your friends to visit your qik page. Sit back and have fun.


  • Streaming real time video from your cell phone.
  • Easy to use and good quality (provided your data connection is fast enough).
  • Supports many mobile phones, see full list here.
  • Share videos with everyone or make them available only to certain people.
  • Join groups and communicate with people of similar interests.
  • Qik is free, however cellphone provider charges might apply.
  • Recommended only for users on unlimited (or very cheap) data plan.

Check out Qik @ www.qik.com [No Longer Available]

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