Choose Your Puzzle! These Mobile Collections Offer a Wide Variety

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Why play just one puzzle game when you can pick from a variety of different ones all in one app? If you are a puzzle fanatic 5 Puzzle Places for Brain Twisters and Logic Riddles If you seek a challenge for your brain, then you're in for a treat. From free printable puzzles to one of the most fiendish video games ever made, we've got it all in store for... Read More and can’t get enough of those challenging brain teasers, then these mobile collections are for you. Build bridges, slide tiles, connect pipes, and create words with puzzle packs to-go.



With eight different puzzle games for Android, Puzzlerama provides a fun assortment. In Flow, you connect dots of the same color by drawing a line between them. Lines cannot overlap and you must fill the entire board.

In Pipes, you rotate the pipes on the board to create a solid path for the water to run through. You can also check out Unroll, which is a slide puzzle. In Tangram, you assemble pieces of a geometric puzzle.

puzzlerama android

Each of the games in Puzzlerama has many levels. In all, you have over 2,400 challenges to conquer, making this a massive collection. You can download the game for free and check out in-app purchases for hint packs starting at $0.99, which also removes the ads.

DownloadPuzzlerama for Android (Free)


Simon Tatham’s Puzzles

If you are not familiar with Simon Tatham, he is a British programmer. Among other programs (such as PuTTY), he’s developed several computer-based, single-player logic puzzles. That collection has been ported to mobile devices for players to enjoy on-the-go.

simon tatham puzzles android

While the Android and iOS versions are two separate apps from two different developers, they both include a chunk of the games from Simon Tatham’s collection. These puzzles include Black Box, Fifteen, Bridges, and Pearl.

simon tatham puzzles iphone


These logic challenges have a basic look and feel, but are puzzling nonetheless. Guess is a form of MastermindFifteen is a sliding puzzle, and in Net you must rotate tiles to create a connected network.

DownloadSimon Tatham’s Puzzles for Android | iOS (Free)

101-in-1 Games

The 101-in-1 Games series of apps provides over 100 games to choose from for both Android and iOS devices. In an interesting concept, the app provides you with around 10 games for free. You unlock the rest by earning points playing the initial ones.

A nice feature of 101-in-1 Games is that it offers more than just puzzles. When you finish playing with numbers in Sudoku, you can hit a bullseye in Darts. And when you finish making matches in Cookies, you can kick a soccer ball in Bouncer. The game is available for free and includes in-app purchases for additional points starting at $0.99.


Download101-in-1 Games for Android [No Longer Available] | iOS (Free)

Logic Puzzle Collection Light

For over 50 puzzle types on iOS, check out Logic Puzzle Collection Light. You can test your Sudoku skills with a variety of versions like Asterisk Sudoku, Chain Sudoku, and Sudoku Mine. Then, challenge yourself in Easy as ABC by filling the board with letters, Light Up by placing light bulbs on a grid, and Tents by finding their correct spots.

logic puzzle collection iphone

You receive five game packs for free, can unlock two more by sharing on social media, and can purchase others from within the app. The game includes printable puzzles, personal statistics, leaderboards, achievements, and a hint system. You can also take a look at the paid version, Logic Puzzle Collection, for $1.99.


DownloadLogic Puzzle Collection Light for iOS (Free)

100 Logic Games

100 Logic Games gives you exactly that: 100 challenging logic puzzles. Plant trees strategically in Parks, use your math skills in Calcudoku, or have a good old time with Minesweeper Classic. This collection offers numerous levels for each game, totaling 10,000 puzzle stages in all.

100 logic games iphone

You can earn achievements and climb leaderboards with its Game Center support. The game also allows you to make notes for tough puzzles, resume games where you left off, and get each game’s rules with a simple tap. 100 Logic Games is available for free with an in-app purchase of $7.99 to remove the ads.

Download100 Logic Games for Android | iOS (Free)

Family’s Game Travel Pack Lite

If you want a big variety of games you can play with others, take a look at Family’s Game Travel Pack Lite. This large collection includes puzzle challenges for one player like Peg Solitaire and for two or more players puzzle games such as Memory.

As you may have guessed, this group of games also includes board and strategy games The 11 Best Classic Board Game Apps for Your Phone Some classic board games have made the move to mobile. Here are the best classic board game apps you need to play today. Read More like Checkers, Chess, Reversi, and Connect Four. You can also pick up the paid versions of Family’s Game Travel Pack to remove the ads. It costs $2.39 on Android and $1.99 on iOS.

DownloadFamily’s Game Travel Pack Lite for Android | iOS (Free)

Word Games Bundle Pack

If your preferred puzzle type is word games, then you’ll enjoy the Word Games Bundle Pack for Android. You can play six different word puzzles for a decent variety of options. Find items on the list in Word Search, create as many words as possible in Word Jumble, or decipher the sentence in Cryptogram.

word games bundle pack android

Word Games Bundle Pack lets you check your statistics, listen to in-app music while you play, and check instructions for each game.

DownloadWord Games Bundle Pack for Android [No Longer Available]

All Word Games

Another good word game collection, available for both Android and iOS, is All Word Games. It’s made by the creators of the previously mentioned 101-in-1 Games. Here, you will again use points you earn to unlock additional games in the collection.

The app offers over 20 different challenges that range from Hangman and Word Match to games with cities, flags, and names. Earn achievements and work your way up the leaderboards. The game is available for free and includes in-app purchases for additional points starting at $0.99 so that you can unlock more games faster.

DownloadAll Word Games for Android [No Longer Available] | iOS (Free)

Do You Have More Fun With Game Collections?

You likely have your favorite, go-to, mobile puzzle game. But sometimes it’s nice to mix things up and with these game collections, you can do just that. Pick a different puzzle game each day, or perfect one before you move on. Either way, puzzle packs give you a variety without multiple game downloads — great for those with limited storage space Low Storage Space? 10 Mobile Games Under 50 Megabytes Got a craving for mobile gaming but don't have much space on your phone? Here are ten awesome titles that take up under 50 MB each. Read More !

Do you enjoy mobile game collections like these? If so, and you have one that you would like to recommend, please leave us a comment below!

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