15 Awesome Puzzle and Brain Teaser Games for Chrome

Sandy Writtenhouse 11-07-2017

For Chrome users who like to take breaks No Internet? 10 Awesome Free Chrome Games to Play Offline If you take your Chromebook on your commute, pass the time with enjoyable games you can play offline. These free and fun Chrome game options will keep you entertained, challenged, and coming back for more. Read More in their day or just relax after a stressful one, check out these puzzle games. From nothing but numbers to making mystical matches, there is a puzzle style here for every taste and preference. Put on your thinking cap, open up Chrome, and check out these fun and challenging puzzle options Can You Solve 5 of the Internet's Hardest Logic Puzzles? Try these five brain-teasing sites and some of the hardest logic puzzles that are loved by anyone who likes solving stuff. Read More .

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    For something a little more hands-on, you might be interested in these puzzle subscription boxes that need to be solved before you can open them.

    Number Games

    1. Sudoku

    If you love Sudoku, then this version for Chrome from is a great choice. Choose from Easy, Medium, Hard, and Expert difficulty levels. Then, just pick your square, select the letter tile, and choose a number on the board to highlight the numbers. You can also use the pencil for a note-taking mode.


    2. Make All Equal [No Longer Available]

    For a different type of numbers game, Make All Equal is a challenge. Your goal is to swap numbers from one box to another in order to reach a certain total. The numbers used and totals are never the same. And, you score higher for using the least number of moves as you can.

    chrome make all equal


    Mahjong Games

    3. Mahjong Solitaire

    Mahjong, anyone? The Mahjong Solitaire game for Chrome lets you play the classic challenge you enjoy with soft music and sound effects to go along with it. You can pick from various game layouts like circles, pyramids, a butterfly, and a bullseye. You can also use game hints if you get stuck.

    chrome mahjong solitaire

    4. All-in-One Mahjong 2

    All-in-One Mahjong 2 is another good choice for Mahjong fans. The game has both timed and a score modes, 12 colorful backgrounds, and different tile styles. You can also select from tons of layouts like a dinosaur, skull, beetle, or an alien.

    chrome all-in-one mahjong 2


    Matching Games

    5. Rainbow Lines

    Maybe you like matching games other than Mahjong. Rainbow Lines is a fun and colorful option. In this puzzle game of strategy, you remove balls from the board by forming lines. Match four balls of the same color horizontally, vertically, or diagonally to remove them. With each turn you take, more balls pop onto the board, so make your moves wisely.

    rainbow lines chrome

    6. Mystical Bird Link [No Longer Available]

    Mystical Bird Link is another enjoyable matching game. While it is similar to Mahjong, the difference is that the matching tiles must simply be able to connect without other tiles in the way. Make matches to clear like symbols from the board within a limited amount of time. You can then move onto the next level and get ready for the blocking tiles to appear as you progress.

    chrome mystical bird link


    Sliding Puzzles

    7. Unblock It

    Unblock It is a sliding puzzle with a simple concept but challenging gameplay. You must slide the blocks to clear a path for the red block to the exit. The trick is, blocks can only move in the direction of the wood grain on them. Use the least number of moves as possible and try to earn three stars on each level.

    chrome unblock it

    8. 2048

    2048 is a combination of a number, matching, and sliding puzzle game. Your ultimate goal is to reach the 2048 tile. To do this, you use your arrow keys to slide the numbers in four different directions attempting to match them. Once a match is made, those numbers will merge together to form the next number.

    When you match two tiles with the number four on them, they will turn into one tile with the number eight. The game is over when you reach the goal or fill the board with no further moves available.


    chrome 2048

    Word Games

    9. Word Zoom [No Longer Available]

    For word puzzle fans, Word Zoom is a lively, fun, colorful game. You have one minute to make as many words as possible. To start, you will see a group of letters and form a word of three or more letters to move on. You will then get a new group of letters and play continues until time runs out. Score higher for longer words and try to use the yellow multiplier and blue time tiles when possible. These give you better scores and more time on the clock.

    word zoom chrome

    10. Word Search Puzzle Game [No Longer Available]

    If you prefer a more casual word game, Word Search Puzzle Game is perfect. You can pick from popular themes like reptiles, basketball, and beach or browse through all topics. Then, just drag through the letters to create the words on the list until all have been found. You can also earn bonuses for finding words not on the list.

    chrome word search puzzle game

    11. Crossword Fun

    Are you a crossword puzzle fan? If so, then check out Crossword Fun. You can choose from animals, computer parts, programming terms, or a regular puzzle. Then, just type in the words in the correct locations answering the clues given. Sometimes a photo will pop up as your clue. Just like paper books of crosswords, you can jump around the board and answer in any order.

    chrome crossword fun

    Jigsaw Puzzles

    12. Free Elegant Jigsaw Puzzles [No Longer Available]

    If you prefer puzzles with pieces, then take a look at Free Elegant Jigsaw Puzzles game. You can pick from several themes like city views, landscapes, and dinosaurs. Each theme offers a variety of puzzles. Just move the square pieces around the board to form the finished photo.

    chrome free elegant jigsaw puzzles

    13. Daily Jigsaw

    For a more authentic jigsaw puzzle option, Daily Jigsaw is a great Chrome game. First, select your puzzle cut from six pieces to 192 with many options in between. Slide the pieces into place to form the picture and you will hear a slight click when you have them connected correctly. This game uses puzzle pieces that look just like those you use in physical jigsaw puzzles.

    chrome daily jigsaw

    Brain Teasers

    14. Link All

    Link All is an enjoyable yet challenging puzzle of connections. You must activate the disabled node by connecting to it through other nodes. However, there are a few rules. You cannot cross your lines or move through red blocks and you must connect through tiny nodes when they appear. But, that isn’t all. As you progress through the levels, more challenges will arise, so be ready.

    chrome link all

    15. Quipo Quiz

    If your favorite type of brain teaser is a test of your knowledge, then we have a game for you too. Quipo Quiz offers a large selection of topics to stimulate your brain. Pick from animals, arts and culture, geography, history, science and technology, or sports. Then, select a subcategory and number of questions you would like to answer. See how high your knowledge scores with this fun Chrome trivia game.

    chrome quipo quiz

    Which Puzzle Games Did We Miss?

    The Chrome Web Store offers a huge variety of puzzles and brain teasers 5 Puzzle Places for Brain Twisters and Logic Riddles If you seek a challenge for your brain, then you're in for a treat. From free printable puzzles to one of the most fiendish video games ever made, we've got it all in store for... Read More . There are almost too many to pick from that you don’t know where to begin. Hopefully, this list gets you off to a great start with puzzles that test your solving skills while you have fun 10 Educational and Fun Chrome Games for Kids Who said games can't teach you anything? If you've got young children, here are ten free learning games inside Chrome that will entertain and educate them. Read More .

    Do you have a favorite Chrome puzzle game that we missed? Regardless of the type, share it with us and our readers in the comments below so we can check it out too!

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