Play Putt-Putt Anytime With These Free Mobile Mini-Golf Games

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Some call it putt-putt and others say miniature golf. Whatever your preferred name, you can practice your swing anytime, anywhere with these free mobile games. What’s more, you’ll find something fun and unique about each one.


So work on your putt, challenge your friends, and sharpen your skills with these enjoyable games for Android and iOS.

1. Mini Golf Stars 2

In Mini Golf Stars 2, you must navigate your golf ball over rolling hills, around moving obstacles, and across bridges. You can play through over 200 holes that get increasingly difficult and will definitely challenge you, but in a fun way. Start your journey by playing through courses in the River Wild, Bonzi Beach, and Galactica.

Earn stars for good performances and you can redeem them for wacky golf balls or lasers that help you aim better. You can practice your putts in single-player mode, take on Facebook friends The 8 Best Facebook Instant Games to Play With Friends Here are the best Facebook Instant games to try on your phone or in a browser, great to play with family and friends! Read More , or check out the mini-games.

Mini Golf Stars 2 offers in-app purchases for additional lives, stars, and game boosts.

DownloadMini Golf Stars 2 for Android | iOS


2. Mini Golf MatchUp

If you would rather putt against an opponent than on your own, Mini Golf MatchUp is the game for you. You can play against your friends or a random opponent in asynchronous gameplay, with optional connections to Facebook Connecting Games To Facebook -- What's In It For You? You're in the zone on your favorite puzzle game. You catch the false move that would have doomed you before you commit to it, and a moment later, you finally seize sweet victory! Read More and Twitter.

mini golf matchup iphone

The game has over 70 holes throughout seven unique courses. With colorful cartoon graphics, you maneuver around obstacles while collecting as many gems as you can to win. If you achieve your mini-goals, like scoring more than a certain number of points on a hole, you will be rewarded with stars. Then, use those stars to unlock new courses.

Mini Golf MatchUp offers in-app purchases for extras like coins, golf balls, and ad-removal.


DownloadMini Golf MatchUp for Android | iOS

3. Super Stickman Golf 2

Super Stickman Golf 2 is unlike other mini-golf games, but that’s what makes it enjoyable. Rather than windmills and clown faces, this game presents you with hills, portals, and magnets. In addition, the viewpoint is from a side angle where you control the golfer.

The game offers over 30 courses to challenge yourself in single-player mode. Then, achieve par or under on a course to unlock the next one. You can also play against others Super Stickman Golf 2 Gets Multiplayer Boost, New "Space Land" Levels Super Stickman Golf 2 has been given a new update that gives a boost to multiplayer gameplay and adds a bunch of new levels, including a new "Space Land" world. Read More in two online multiplayer modes for turn-based gameplay or a race to the cup. Earn Golf Bux to obtain different golf balls and customize your golfer with hats, or turn him into a mummy or demon golfer.

Super Stickman Golf 2 offers in-app purchases for Golf Bux and an XP Doubler.


DownloadSuper Stickman Golf for Android [No Longer Available] | iOS

4. Microgolf Masters

Microgolf Masters is similar to Mini Golf MatchUp in that you can play against others, but that’s where the similarities end. Rather than asynchronous gameplay, you take turns in real-time. And the courses look more like mazes where your viewpoint is from the top. You can see the entire hole from start to finish.

microgoft masters ios

This game can get pretty tricky with obstacles like sand, water, and black holes. But you also come across helpful tools such as conveyor belts that move your ball in the right direction. Test your aim and putting skills on 600 different courses against random opponents or search for a friend. You can also get some practice in the Solo Daily Challenge area. Earning gold and diamonds allows you to obtain funky golf balls.


Microgolf Masters offers in-app purchases Why You'll Never Stop Seeing Ads & IAPs in Mobile Apps Advertisements and in-app purchases in mobile apps and games can be really annoying. Unfortunately, they won't be going away any time soon. Here's why. Read More for game items like diamonds and starter packs.

DownloadMicrogolf Masters for Android | iOS

5. Mini Golf Stars: Retro Golf

From the creators of Mini Golf Stars 2 comes Mini Golf Stars: Retro Golf. The game has both single-player and multiplayer modes, and features over 350 holes in 3D environments. For solo games, you can play through the courses, try the hole-in-one challenge, or really test yourself with movement and trap holes.

With twists, turns, ramps, and hills you can hit the ball or make it jump when you need to. The game has Facebook and Game Center integration with leaderboards and achievements. Challenge yourself or play against others in this fun mini-golf game.

Mini Golf Stars: Retro Golf offers in-app purchases for golf balls and lasers for aiming.

DownloadMini Golf Stars: Retro Golf for Android | iOS

6. Mini Golf 100

If you love level-based gameplay, then give Mini Golf 100 a go. This simple little mini-golf challenge is a single-player game that gives you bouncing platforms, moving obstacles, and the titular 100 neat levels.

mini golf 100 ios

You earn stars for completing the holes with style and can unlock other golf balls along the way. The game also offers a sharing option so you can brag to your buddies when you nail that hole in one. Mini Golf 100 may not have the fancy features of similar games, but it is fun, challenging, and great for a quick game fix 20 Fast and Quick Mobile Games to Kill Time on Android and iPhone Bored and need to kill five minutes or so? Here are the best fast mobile games that you can start and stop whenever. Read More .

Mini Golf 100 offers an in-app purchase for ticket packs to redo your shots.

DownloadMini Golf 100 for Android | iOS

7. Mini Golf Game 3D Free

Another single-player putt-putt game is Mini Golf Game 3D Free. This one offers five courses, three game modes, and five unique environments. Choose from championship, time race, or timed modes. Then, pick your course from themes like country, icy, or a crystal land.

The game has chipper music, tricky moving obstacles, and statistics for your gameplay. Like with Mini Golf 100, Mini Golf Game 3D Free may not have tons of features and extras 7 Free Mobile Games That Offer Tons of Content If you're looking for free mobile games that offer a lot of content, here are some of the best. Read More , but is a solid casual game.

Mini Golf Game 3D Free is completely free and ad-supported without in-app purchases. You can also purchase the paid version on Android ($0.99) or iOS ($1.99) to remove the ads.

DownloadMini Golf Game 3D Free for Android | iOS

Did We Miss a Good Mini-Golf Game?

These mobile games each offer something unique Ready to Get Weird? 7 Bizarre Mobile Games You'll Love Flinging birds and matching candies is a ton of fun. But if you're in the mood for something out of the ordinary, check out these bizarre mobile games for Android and iOS. Read More , so there is definitely one here for every taste and preference. Whether you like hitting the links alone or thrive on friendly competition, every golfer can enjoy playing a virtual course for free.

How do you get your putt-putt fix on the go? If you have a mobile mini-golf game that you love, feel free to share it in the comments below!

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