PSA: Microsoft’s Update Catalog Finally Works Outside of IE
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Windows Update is a feature that typically works smoothly. However, when Windows Update gets stuck checking for updates for hours, it can be frustrating to troubleshoot.

This might be a pain for Windows 10 users, but those who often run into updating issues are Windows 7 users. A fresh install of Windows 7 requires hundreds and hundreds of updates to get up to speed. Since this can take forever (especially for IT professionals re-imaging several machines at once), Microsoft released a mega-update that includes every Windows 7 patch up until summer 2016.

Accessing this update requires you to use the Microsoft Update Catalog, a horribly outdated website that used to require Internet Explorer due to its use of ActiveX Controls. Now, however, Microsoft has tweaked the site to work with other browsers. We’ve tested it as functional in Firefox, Chrome, and Edge.

Aside from downloading the Windows 7 Update Rollup, you might want to access the Update Catalog to manually install updates for your computer that fail through Windows Update. If you don’t allow Windows to update automatically (which isn’t recommended), you can also pick and choose your updates through this site.

It’s a small convenience, but one that anyone who’s had to use this website should appreciate. Now you have one less reason to have to break out Internet Explorer, which is worth celebrating.

Interested in reading more? Find out Microsoft recently changed Windows Update in Windows 7 and 8.1 to be more like Windows 10.

Have you ever accessed the Microsoft Update Catalog to install updates manually? Let us know which other sites still require Internet Explorer in the comments!

Image Credit: Jojje via Shutterstock

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