Prot-On: Have Complete Control Of Shared Files In The Cloud

In the era of cloud storage and file syncing, we tend to forget just how important protecting our files is. Even though you have explicitly shared your files to friends, you’d probably be surprised at how your files are used, when and where they are accessed.

shared files in the cloud

If you want to get better tracking for your documents, you can check out Prot-On, a multi-platform app that lets you keep watch of the files you share. Unlike other cloud sharing tools, Prot-on gives file owners the ability to see who have opened or downloaded your files, track their use, and then block people from accessing them, if necessary.

With Prot-on, it does not matter where you stored your files. What is important is you have a log of file access no matter where your file is located. The app is available for both Mac and Windows, as well as iOS and Android, so you’re pretty much covered no matter what device you use.

Prot-on works best with Dropbox or other cloud syncing services as a second-step protection. For example, you can share direct links to your Dropbox files, but still know who have accessed your files.

Prot-on is a nice app for those who just needs total control of their files when shared to the cloud. While it may involve some extra steps for some, it also gives us some peace of mind in return.


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  1. Lisa Santika Onggrid
    December 27, 2012 at 6:46 pm

    Interesting. I've always wanted to know who use my files, and for what. Precautions never hurt, though giving direct links mean you're ready to share the file to the world.