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Promote Your Band On Facebook With An Awesome Tab By BandPage

Angela Randall 23-03-2012

promote your band on facebookAs anyone who has ever tried to promote a band online can attest, sometimes it’s a pain to pull together all of your material into something easy to promote. You might have a YouTube channel, some music on your website, a blog, a Facebook page, Twitter account and more. What you really want is a way for people to see all the important stuff in one place, then to make that place easy to find. RootMusic’s BandPage promises to be all that.


If you’ve got a Facebook page set up for your band, theatre group, choir or other artistic venture, BandPage can help you display your audio and video media to your fans easily.

The BandPage Facebook Page

The primary feature which makes BandPage attractive to most bands is that it is a Facebook application for pages. So, once you’ve set up your Bandpage it can be seen on your Facebook page. On the old pages you could make BandPage the default tab, but this isn’t yet possible for the Timeline view. You’ll also get a neat short URL you can use to direct people straight to your BandPage tab of your Facebook page.

promote your band on facebook

Initial Set-Up Of Your BandPages

To set up your BandPage, first you’ll need to install the BandPage application for each Facebook page you want to use. Or, if you add pages later you can install the application for that page later.

Once installed, you need to give BandPage access to your Facebook account, which allows you to make BandPage edits for any Facebook page you are an administrator for. Note that the BandPage won’t show up on your Facebook page until the application is installed for that page.


Editing Your BandPage

Edits for BandPage are done on the Bandpage site, which you’ll be sent to from Facebook when you try to edit.

Uploading a cover image is done on the Appearance tab, along with other visual editing.

promoting your band on facebook

The real beauty of BandPage is with the track listings. You can upload music to your SoundCloud account, privately or publicly, and link your account to BandPage. Tracks from Soundcloud can be played directly from your BandPage in the same list as tracks from your YouTube account. You can rearrange the order in the BandPage settings in order to promote things exactly as you like.


At the bottom of your BandPage, you will see your Facebook page’s updates automatically, but you can also add Twitter and your blog’s RSS feed (or some other RSS feed of yours). All of this can be tweaked until you’re happy with it.


Your upcoming shows can be automatically synced with SongKick 3 Ways to Track Tour Dates of Your Favorite Rock Bands Read More , BandsInTown 3 Web Apps for Staying on Top of the Music Scene Read More or SonicLiving, to save you from entering in all your details yet again. It would be great to see Facebook events hosted by the page in this same section, but that doesn’t seem to work yet.

Photos and Video

There are tabs for photos and video which are automatically populated once you enter in your other social accounts. Photos are automatically imported from your Facebook page, while video can be imported from YouTube, Vimeo or Facebook just by adding the link.

promote your band on facebook


Ease Of Use

For anyone who manages the online presence of several bands, the BandPage interface really helps to make it easy for you. Plus, any administrator of those Facebook pages can do this, so it’s easy to share the workload.

What are some other great promotion tools for bands? What do you use?

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