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Bakari Chavanu 18-05-2011

One of the best features about the iPhone 4 is the nifty built-in video camera which you can launch, shoot, and edit on the go. As most of you may know, Apple produced a mobile version of its video editing application, iMovie, about the same time it released the iPhone 4. The movie editing application works great, but if you want a really simple, fast, and almost professional way to produce a video on the fly, you should download a free copy of Videolicious. It is, or is going to be, the rave app of the Spring season.


Videolicious enables you to select from a group of photos and videos (or create new ones) in the Camera Roll of your iPhone or iPad 2, and produce up to a 50-second video with voice-over narration and cool background music, or songs from your music library. The magic of Videolicious is that it does all the editing work for you. Once you learn how it works, you can put together a Videolicious production in three easy steps. But before we get to that part, let’s explore some ideas for shooting video.

Video Ideas

Not only is Videolicious a neat video editing studio, it also provides 20 awesome ideas for shooting mini video productions. They include:

  • General Video
  • Video Thank You Note
  • My Day in Video
  • Trip Documentary
  • Restaurant  Review Video
  • Auctions or Sales Video
  • Product Review Video
  • Kids and Family Video
  • Birthday Party Video
  • Sight Seeing Video
  • Shopping Haul Video
  • Event Documentary
  • Personal Profile Video
  • Video Resume
  • Real Estate Listing Video
  • Business Profile Video
  • Hotel Review Video
  • New Report Video
  • Sports Game Video

Even more awesome, the app includes video projects for sending your productions directly to Lucky Magazine, Martha Stewart Video, ReadMade Magazine Video, and Self Magazine Video. The app includes videos on how to produce related projects for these websites. Other online businesses will surely want to get on board with this type of project after they see what their iPhone 4 and iPad 2-using customers can do with this app.

Creating A Video

The following short video explains well how to put together a Videolicious video. After you watch it, I will follow up with some suggested tips that may help you with the slightly tricky parts of the narration.

Suggested Tips

make iphone videos


As you can see in the tutorial, a Videolicious production consists of what are called in the movie profession cut away shots (the ones you select) that reflect the voice-over narration you provide. Your selected shots are what are called the B-roll, and the shot of you and your narration is the A-roll.  The format of the video productions consist of a brief opening shot of you starting your narration, and it continues with a voice-over narration  followed by a series of short videos and/or photos based on the order you selected them.

Videolicious somehow analyzes your narration and content and puts in transitions between shots. That’s the magic part. The duration of shots are not evenly divided. The last transition of the video jumps back to a shot of you concluding your narration. The editor has sense enough not to include the shot of you turning off the camera. Note however that the sound, if any, in your B-roll shots is muted in the editing and final production. Your original videos are retained.

The tricky part, if you are a perfectionist, is to tell the story so it keeps the photos and/or video shots in sync with the narration. You have no control over where the transitions go, so you may have to redo your narration a few times to get more accurate transitions. It may mean shortening or extending your narration, or taking a shot to make everything fit.

For videos and photos you already have on your iPhone 4 (I have not tried it on the iPad 2), you will want to keep in mind the duration of each video. If they are longer than the allotted 50 seconds, you can copy and slice them up in the built-in editor of your iPhone.


make ipad video

If you use photos, you’ll notice that Videolicious produces a cool little soft panning effect – just the right amount to keep some motion in the clips.

For new video productions I suggest you choose the type of project you want to do, such a Birthday Party video. Plan ahead of time the shots you will need to tell your story. Try to make each of your video shot last no longer 15 seconds. That may seem short, but in the world of video it’s not. Videolicious will cut off some of your footage to make everything fit.

make iphone videos


Next, this may be obvious to many, but when you videotape yourself using the iPhones 4’s Front-Facing camera, be sure to look at the camera lens itself when you talk. Don’t look directly at yourself in the phone’s retina display.

Also, be sure to hold your videocam iPhone as steady as possible. When you click the start button, allow a second or two of recording before you begin panning the camera. Remember, good video includes lots of purposeful pans and zooms, but be deliberate in your actions. Don’t make your viewers dizzy with erratic shots. See here 10 Simple Tips to Make Home Videos Look Professional Whether you're recording something to publish online or to capture memories to keep, these tips will help you make better videos. Read More for a few additional ideas about shooting home videos.

In step 2 of the process, you can reshoot your narration as many times as you need to. However, you have to save your narration along with the background music before you can view the final production. The finished video is saved on your iPhone’s or iPad 2 Camera Roll, and you can view it inside the app itself. If you’re not satisfied with the results, just re-shoot the narration and delete shots you don’t like or that don’t fit.

Videolicious is the magic app that Apple probably wishes it created. The app doesn’t give you the advanced editing controls found in iMovie or Final Cut, and it’s not a replacement for these programs, but it’s great for short, mobile, off-the-cuff productions. Future upgrades to this app will undoubtably enable users to add titles, select from several different transition effects, and perhaps preview productions before they are saved.


Let us know what you think of Videolicious. If you create a project you would like to share, include a link to your video.

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