5 Productivity Tips Each Trello User Should Start Using

Nancy Messieh 28-04-2017

Trello is a popular productivity tool An Effortless Way to Set Reminders With Trello There are many ways to set reminders these days, but if you use Trello on the regular, then this nifty card trick could be the most convenient option for you. Read More and for good reason. It’s easy to use, customizable How to Use a Bullet Journal in Trello to Plan Your Day It's time to show you how to turn Trello -- if that's your primary note-taking app -- into a Bullet Journal. Read More , and there’s a great ecosystem of third-party plugins 8 Trello Browser Extensions You'll Love and Can't Live Without We introduce you to some of the best Trello browser extensions to kick its functionality a notch or two higher. Read More built around it. Part of the reason it’s such a powerful tool is because of the great productivity features built right into the platform, making it easy to streamline your process.


1. Create Multiple Cards With One Click

You can create multiple cards with just two keyboard shortcuts. If you have an existing list elsewhere that you want to enter into Trello, just copy the list wherever it is using Ctrl +C (Cmd + C on Mac) and then head over to Trello. Click on Add a card in the list of your choice and click the green Add button. Trello will ask you if you’d like to create a card for every new line or just one card.

5 Productivity Tips Each Trello User Should Start Using TrelloAddCards

2. Create Cards Using Email

You can quickly turn emails or calendar appointments into cards. To create cards using email, you’ll have to look up your personalized Trello email address. You can find this by going to your Trello board, clicking on Menu > More > Email-to-board Settings. You’ll find an email address that consists of your username and a string of letters and numbers. You can also generate a new email address at any time.

5 Productivity Tips Each Trello User Should Start Using TrelloEmail 392x500

Use the following Trello guide to include labels, attachments, and more on your emailed cards. Emails (and attachments) should not exceed 10 MB.

  • The Subject of the email becomes the card’s title.
  • The Body of the email becomes the card’s description.
  • Attachments in the email will be added to the card.
  • Labels: In the subject, add #labelname, #labelcolor, or #labelnumber
    • If your label consists of two or more words, in the subject line either join the words or use underscores between the words. For example, if your label is named “To Do” in the subject line of your email either enter #ToDo or #To_Do for the label to render properly on your card.
    • If you have multiple labels in a board with the same color or the same name, emailing a board with #color or #name will only add the first label with that color or name to the card.
  • Members: In the subject, add @username. Members can also be added by putting @username in the body of the email on its own line. If you send an email to Trello and include other Trello users’ email addresses as “to” or “CC” addresses, Trello will add them as members of the card as well.

You can also add comments to cards using email, but will have to look up the email address associated with that specific card by going to the card and clicking on Share and more.

3. Create Cards From a URL

You can easily create a new card simply by dragging a URL onto the card. Open up the link you want to attach to your card, select the address in the address bar and drag it to the Trello tab. Your browser should open up that Trello tab and you can drag the URL to your waiting card. The URL will be added to the card as an attachment, as will a featured image from that page. It will also grab text from the page as the description of your card.

4. Copy Boards, Lists, and Card

There are many things you can do to cut down on entering repetitive tasks on Trello. One of those is to clone entire boards if you find yourself working on multiple projects with a similar Trello board structure. To do this, go to the board, click Show Menu Copy Board. You can also do this for lists and cards.

5 Productivity Tips Each Trello User Should Start Using CopyBoard

5. Use Keyboard Shortcuts

Trello has a lot of great keyboard shortcuts that make navigating around your boards pretty easy. One of the best keyboard shortcuts is the ability to move your cards around with a few shortcuts. Press “,” (comma) to move a card to the bottom of the list on the left and press “.” (period) to move a card to the bottom of the list to the right. If you’d rather move it to the top of the list to the left or right use “<” or “>” respectively. To see all of Trello’s keyboard shortcuts, check out this list.

What tips or tricks would you add to this list? Let us know in the comments.

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