Productivity Owl: Swoops In To Help You Focus

Justin Pot 07-12-2012

Are time-sucking websites preventing you from getting anything done? Productivity Owl is here to save the day. This owl, who comes to you as a Chrome extension, blocks sites you know are time sinks, and swoops in to close tabs not directly related to work after a certain amount of time. Don’t worry, you can set breaks during the day when everything is permissible.


Setting up Productivity Owl is simple. Just give the program a list of acceptable websites that you need for work and unacceptable websites you know will waste your time during the day. You can visit the work-related sites whenever you want, but can only visit blocked sites during times you’ve set up as free time.

help focus

Visit a site not in either list and you’ll have a set amount of time to read it – the default is 30 seconds. Once the time is up, the animated owl will swoop in and close the tab.

Try to visit a site not related to work and you’ll see an angry owl.

productivity owl


Do this enough times and the Owl loses respect for you, a clever gamification feature that makes you want to impress this fictional character by focusing on your work. Like all such productivity tools there are ways to game the system, but used correctly Productivity Owl can help you recover a lot of time you’re currently just losing.

Check out Producivity Owl @ the Chrome Web Store 

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