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10 Top Productivity Audiobooks and Podcasts

Rob Nightingale 16-05-2017

Feeling like you’re not quite making the most of your time? What you need is a healthy dose of productivity advice.


We recently published our list of the top most practical productivity blogs The 10 Most Practical Productivity Blogs of 2017 Few productivity blogs offer hands-on advice. Most tend to focus on self-improvement, feel-good, and motivational pieces. We've picked the top practical productivity blogs online today. Read More . But if you’re not really looking for ever-more reading on the subject, this post will serve you better.

Below are the best productivity podcasts and audiobooks out there. There’s enough productivity advice in these resources to 100x, level up, and whatever else you’re hoping to achieve with your productivity goals 3 Science-Backed Steps to Finally Achieve Your Goals You have already started thinking of New Year resolutions. Maybe, you didn't achieve all of them this year. Here are three specific steps you need to take if you're serious about your goals. Read More .

If you think there are any other resources that we should have included in this list, let us know in the comments!


Are you looking for something to listen to on your commute, or something to keep you company during a walk? These productivity podcasts are the perfect option. Each of these is available on iTunes and via direct streaming from their sites.

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1. The Tim Ferriss Show

Without The Tim Ferriss Show, a list of top productivity podcasts could never be complete. The best-selling author, blogger, and human guinea pig The Quantified Self: How To Track Your Life With Your iPhone If you track your actions, you will be able to do them better. However, tracking can be tiresome if you don't have the right tools. Let's make it as simple as possible. Read More invites the world’s elite onto his show to deconstruct and analyze their success. To tap into the habits, routines, workouts, and rituals that they most rely on.

Past guests have included Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jamie Foxx, Matt Mullenweg, Kevin Rose, and Ezra Klein. The list never ends. And with well over 100,000,000 downloads, you’re guaranteed to end each episode with a ton of insights.

2. The 5 AM Miracle

We’ve written before about finding your best morning routine Which of These Morning Routines Is Best for You? There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to morning routines, but if you ask a bunch of successful people about theirs, you'll see a lot of similarities and overlaps. Read More , and using technology to hack your mornings Discover New Ways to Hack Your Morning Routine with Technology The promise of a productive day lies in an effective morning routine. Design it well and it will help you be happier, more productive, and more efficient. Take it one step at a time. Read More . But after listening to The 5 AM Miracle from Jeff Sanders, it’s clear we’ve only scratched the surface.

This is a podcast dedicated (almost) entirely to “dominating your day before breakfast”. That includes improving your sleep, morning workouts, and how to make the most of your otherwise wasted mornings.


3. Extreme Productivity With Kevin Kruse

Author and serial entrepreneur Kevin Kruse is no stranger to getting things done. His podcast is all about showing you actionable secrets to “10x your productivity while adding at least one extra hour of free time to your day”.

With each episode running between 10–20 minutes, this is a show you can easily stay on top of. The topics focus on short, actionable tips, from beating procrastination, to running productive meetings Fed Up Of Inefficient Meetings? Send These 8 Rules To Your Boss If a meeting is well organised, there's no reason it can't enhance productivity, sense of purpose, and morale. Here are some rules to follow for effective meetings. Read More .

4. Productivityist Podcast

The show’s host, Mike Vardy, is a productivity strategist by trade. It’s hardly a surprise, therefore, that this is one of the most highly recommended productivity podcasts out there.

Each weekly episode is a conversation between Vardy, and a professional who has insight into becoming more productive. Each 30-minute interview focuses on sharing the “tips, tools, tactics, and tricks that are designed to help you take your productivity, time management, goals, to do lists… to new heights”.


5. Beyond The To-Do List

Productivity author and coach Erik Fisher talks with “real people who practically implement productivity strategies in their professional and personal lives.”

This includes sharing their failures, as well as successes related to daily productivity. Topics range from inbox zero Get to Inbox Zero with These 8 Amazing Android Apps Deal with all your email quicker and easier with these Android apps. Read More and deep work, to managing your to do lists and becoming more creative.


If you’d rather listen to an entire book than episodes of a podcast, no problem! Here are five of the top-rated productivity audiobooks. Each is available on both Amazon and Audible.

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6. Getting Things Done (David Allen)

A huge proportion of productivity advice out there owes at least some credit to this book. The GTD system has become so successful that it’s spawned an entire ecosystem of devotees, blogs, meetups, and videos. In other words, you’d be well advised to read (or listen) to it, too.

The book takes you through the step-by-step methodology of organizing your life. It’s premise is that “our ability to be productive is directly proportional to our ability to relax”. The entire exercise is therefore aimed at getting everything out of your mind, and placed in a robust, reliable system.

7. 15 Secrets Successful People Know About Time Management (Kevin Kruse)

The Extreme Productivity podcast (mentioned above) is essentially a distillation of this book. But we definitely recommend reading it in its entirety.

As a presentation of Kruse’s findings from interviewing ultra-productive people, there’s a wealth of wisdom Read the World's Best Books for Free With the Harvard Classics The Harvard Classics is a multi-volume collection of the world's best books. Collated by Dr. Charles W. Eliot in the early 20th century, these can now be downloaded absolutely free of charge. Read More in its pages. In it, you’ll find the tips and strategies of successful people including Lewis Howes, Mark Cuban, James Altucher, and Grant Cardone.

8. Deep Work (Cal Newport)

Cal Newport’s blog, Study Hacks, is one of our favorites for finding practical productivity advice The 10 Most Practical Productivity Blogs of 2017 Few productivity blogs offer hands-on advice. Most tend to focus on self-improvement, feel-good, and motivational pieces. We've picked the top practical productivity blogs online today. Read More . But his latest book Deep Work takes this to a new level.

In the first half of the book, Newport argues that in this world of distraction, the ability to concentrate long and hard on difficult work is a rarity. And this makes deep work more valuable than ever. The second half offers masses of practical advice on how you can develop the capacity for more sustained, deep work. This, he says, will lead to professional advancement, and more fulfillment in your career.

9. Focal Point (Brian Tracy)

Brian Tracy’s hypothesis is that the “true secret of high achievers is that they know how to find their focal point”. Basically, they know how to focus their energies for maximum return.

The book then sets out how listeners can do this too. Tracy puts forward a step-by-step process to help listeners develop “complete clarity” about what they want to achieve, and to create a plan on how to get there.

10. Manage Your Day-to-Day (Jocelyn Glei)

Manage Your Day-to-Day is aimed at people who are feeling overwhelmed, and completely disorganized. It offers “a toolkit for tackling the challenges of a 24/7, always-on workplace”.

The focus is on developing habits How to Use Micro Habits and Spark Massive Personal Change Creating new habits is hard. Habits are usually built over weeks or months of repetition, and motivation is the challenge. When the going gets tough, micro-habits can be a huge help. Read More and routines that work, removing distractions, and finding the time to do important work. Although the narration isn’t the best, the content is very highly rated.

What Have We Missed?

No doubt this list will give you an endless supply of productivity advice The Powerful Truth About Productivity from 11 Months on the Road Is the pursuit of productivity over-hyped? When we are missing something fundamental, we should question our own notions of prodctivity. Here are four personal lessons on productivity learnt from 11 months on the road. Read More . Just be sure to actually make use of what’s relevant to you, rather than simply consuming all this info without acting on it. That’s something we’re all guilty of.

There are, of course, plenty of other great productivity podcasts and audiobooks out there, too. But this is a list of the best I’ve come across — so please, to help us make this an even more valuable resource!

Let us know which other productivity resources you think we should have mentioned in this article by leaving a comment below!

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