ProcOff for Windows: Monitor Processes & Shut Down Your PC When Idle

Many of us have gotten into the habit of leaving our PCs on constantly, whether it’s a laptop you can quickly “sleep” or a desktop that sits under the desk. One thing that we often forget when simply walking away from the PC is the power that is being unnecessarily consumed in our absence. You could turn off the PC, but instead you’ve got something to complete – a virus scan to run, a file to finish downloading or a movie to encode. ProcOff might just be the intelligent power-saver you need to solve this problem.

shutdown pc when idle

ProcOff monitors up to three Windows processes of your choosing and waits until activity from these processes stops, indicating the end of a virus scan, backup or download. It can then shut down your PC and save you power and money Does Saving Energy With Your PC Really Help Your Wallet? Computers, like all electronics, consume a fair amount of electricity. And while the efficiency of the modern computer hardware has improved relative to older parts, there’s still a lot of energy wasted. Finding ways to... Read More , with an optional delay that can be enabled just in case you’re using the PC and would like to cancel shut down. As well as intelligent, process-monitored shutdown there is a simple timed shutdown included, so you can specify exactly when the PC should be switched off.


The procedure is highly customisable and an absolute must-have for Windows users who would like to save power the clever An Energy Saving Masterclass For Computer Users About 10% of an average home’s power use is dedicated to computers. That is the average for the United States, however, and is only an average. Users who are computer enthusiasts may find that their... Read More way. The program is free but requires a registration code, which you can pickup from the download page.


  • Monitors up to 3 processes then shuts down the computer when activity is ended.
  • Optional delay for cancelling shutdown.
  • Can “wait” and activate when a process begins.
  • Configurable shutdown timer also included, without smart functions.

Check out ProcOff for Windows @ JSutils

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  1. Tony
    June 16, 2013 at 2:22 pm

    If you want even more flexibility when shutting down your computer automatically try AllOff at If you want a simple no configuration shutdown utility try AllOff Lite. Botha re free for non commercial use.