PrivacyChoice: Opt Out Cookies That Track Your Browsing
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There are hundreds of advertising companies on the web which track and analyze your browsing behavior by placing cookies into your browser with or without your consent. If you are one of those who are really concerned about privacy and do not want to be tracked, you can easily opt out from getting cookies from these ad networks.

This is where PrivacyChoice can help, it lets you simultaneously opt out from a number of major ad networks (eg: Google AdSense, DoubleClick, Yahoo! and AOL ) with a single click of a button. Quick, simple and you do not have to go to each network individually.

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The another way to protect your browsing privacy is simply use software to delete cookies.


  • Lets you opt out from being tracked by advertising companies.
  • Simple and easy to use, it takes a single click.
  • Free. No sign-up needed.

Check out PrivacyChoice @

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