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Dan Price 21-12-2016

Who doesn’t love a good chart? They’re fantastic educational resources, can help keep you organized and, if you choose a good one, look awesome on your wall.


The internet offers charts for just about anything you can think of. Multiplication charts, military time charts, metric conversion charts, wind chill charts, unit circle charts; they’re all readily available.

Here’s a list of 10 printable charts that’ll satisfy any occasion.

1. Chore Chart

In 2002, the University of Minnesota produced a study on the benefits of giving children household chores 4 Android Apps for Taking Care of Household Chores Need to get some chores done? These apps will help you get them done and might even make them (gasp!) fun. Read More at an early age. It found doing jobs around the home helped develop a child’s sense of mastery, responsibility, and self-reliance — all of which lasted a lifetime.

Keep your kids on track with this handy chart. You can choose what chores your kid needs to do on a daily basis, add bonus jobs, deduct fines, and use the results to determine how much pocket money they’ve earned How to Save Extra Pocket Money With No Effort Every Day Saving is important, but it can be a real effort for many of us. Digit lets you save automatically without having to think at all. Read More for the week.

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2. Metric Conversion Chart [No Longer Available]

Only three countries — the United States, Burma, and Liberia — have not adopted the metric system. It can be problematic. Not only is it confusing when you visit a different country, but it can also be expensive. NASA lost $125 million in 1999 when a Mars rover failed to function because one company used imperial units and another used the metric system during the design phase.

Avoid the same pitfalls as NASA with this easy-to-understand conversion chart. It covers length, area, speed, volume, weight, and temperature.

3. Wind Chill Chart

You watch the weather forecast 5 Funny Weather Apps to Make the Forecast Entertaining Find the weather too boring? Check out these funny weather apps for Android, iOS, and the web that make the forecast more entertaining. Read More before you go to bed and are delighted to learn the following day’s temperature will at least be bearable. The next morning, you wake up, look outside, and it seems like the forecaster was right. But you step through your front door and it’s absolutely freezing. What went wrong?

Perhaps you didn’t factor in the wind chill. A biting winter breeze can quickly turn a picturesque frosty morning into a survival test.


Print off this wind chill chart from the National Weather Service and you’ll never be caught out again. It plots temperature against wind speed to give you an indication of when frostbite will kick in.

wind chill chart

4. History Chart

Did you find history boring in school? You’re not alone. Uninspiring topics, stuffy classrooms, and antique textbooks are hardly a recipe for engagement.

As we get older, we learn that history is incredibly interesting. It underpins everything about the society in which we now live.


Brush up on your European and American history with this colorful and feature-rich printout. It maps out the rise and fall of empires, the most pivotal scientific discoveries, and all the wars between nations.

You can buy a larger version on Amazon.

Timeline of European History Timeline of European History Buy Now On Amazon

5. Unit Circle Chart

Do you know your Pi from your cosine? A lot of people don’t.


If you find yourself working with angles a lot, perhaps because woodworking is your hobby or you have an interest in trigonometry, this is a “must-have”. It’ll save you the time of trying to memorize everything and will help you eradicate errors from your work.

unit circle

6. Multiplication Chart

Sticking with the math theme, what about a multiplication chart? Most of us are ashamed to admit our recall of the times tables isn’t as good as it should be.

(Quick, what’s 6 x 8?)

Research shows that 6 x 8 is the sum kids struggle with the most. It’s closely followed by 11 x 12 and 12 x 8. Put these printouts on your fridge and give yourself and your children a helping hand Try These 4 Online Super Calculators to Help With Your Math Woes Read More .

7. Household Budget Chart

“Look after the pennies, and the pounds will look after themselves”. We all know the phrase, but few of us adhere to it.

We live in an era of tightened purse strings. The consumer boom of the 1990s and early 2000s is over. The global economy is still struggling to bounce back from 2008’s financial crash.

household finances
Image Credit: Karuka via Shutterstock

Keep your household finances in order 15 Excel Spreadsheet Templates for Managing Your Finances Always keep track of your financial health. These free Excel spreadsheet templates are the tools you need to manage your money. Read More with this printout. You can log your expenses and monitor your savings without needing to log on onto an app or use your computer.

8. Military Time Chart [No Longer Available]

Military time is almost identical in presentation to the 24-hour clock. The only difference is the absence of a colon between the hours and the minutes. So 3:45 PM would be written as 15:45 in the 24-hour clock format, and 1545 in military format.

The biggest difference comes in how you verbalize military time. This chart from will help.

Now, don’t forget to put your dinner in the oven at nineteen forty-three hours, civilian.

9. Car Maintenance

Cars can be expensive possessions. As soon as they’re a few years old, things start go wrong OBD2 & Windows: Save On Auto Repair With Diagnostic Tools Finding a broken car's fault can be costly. Save by doing it yourself! All you need is a Windows computer, free diagnosis software, and a cable plugged into your car's OBD II connector. Read More : fast. And we all know garages and mechanics charge a fortune to put things right.

A lot of the problems can be avoided with some diligent self-maintenance. Monitor your tire pressure to prolong their lifespan, keep your engine oil topped up to improve performance, change your wiper blades and keep yourself safe in the rain, and so on.

This chart will help you keep on top of all the little things. You can log what you did, when you did it, and how many miles were on the clock at the time.

10. Food Chart

There’s so much conflicting dietary information How To Lose Weight...Fast - The Best Web Resources For Fasting Diets The latest craze in the world of dieting is intermittent fasting. We pull together some of the best resources online related to this popular method for losing weight and getting healthier. Read More out there. Atkins diet, juice diet, Mediterranean diet, South Beach diet. How are you supposed to keep up?

Keep it simple. Print off this chart and make sure you eat at least one foodstuff from each section every day. Combine it with a good exercise plan How to Build an Exercise Program You Can Do Anywhere Fitness is vital. Don't obsess over a gym membership. You can exercise for free, right now, at your home or in a hotel room. Read More , and you’ll be well on the way to a healthier you.

Which Charts Do You Rely On?

I’ve listed 10 useful charts that’ll make your life simpler, but there are lots more charts out there. Whether you’re looking for a party planner or a back-to-school organizer, you’ll be able to find it online.

I’d love to know what charts you have stuck to your fridge? Is there a certain printout you rely on every day? Let me know your personal favorites in the comments below.

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