PrimerCSS: Create Starter CSS From HTML Automatically
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PrimerCSS is a simple web application which enables you to paste HTML code and create css from html automatically. It analyzes the HTML code you pasted and extracts all the classes and id’s used. Then, it places the classes and id’s into a starter stylesheet. This application would be very useful for web developers and designers who code the HTML structure first and style it later.

create css from html

To get started, just paste your HTML code into the provided fields on the site and click on the ‘prime it‘ button. Just like in the following image, a starter CSS stylesheet with the classes and id’s used in the HTML code will be returned.

create css from html

This application is free to use and lets you quickly create starter CSS stylesheets from HTML code.


  • Create starter stylesheets automatically from HTML code.
  • It’s provides you with CSS code by pulling out classes and id’s from HTML.
  • Free for use, no registration required.

Check out PrimerCSS @

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