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Prepare Your Social Accounts For The Holidays With These Festive Covers

Yaara Lancet 13-12-2013

Your computer gets festive wallpapers 10 Festive Wallpapers to Prepare Your Desktop for the Holidays Christmas decorations are up everywhere. Decorating your computer is a great way to put yourself in the holiday mood and only takes seconds. Too busy to hunt for wallpapers? Just pick one below. Merry Christmas! Read More for the holidays, aren’t you social accounts jealous? Knowing how people like visuals, social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+ have added huge covers for us to play with. These covers are perfect for a theme, and are a great way to bring some holiday cheer to your accounts.


Before We Start: Google+ Tip

For some reason, Google feels it necessary to change the size of our Google+ profile covers every 6 months or so. By the time we got used to the extremely wide and short images, they changed to huge ones, and when we finally got used to those, they’ve gone and changed again.

The final result, though, is that the new Google+ cover photo dimensions are rather similar to Facebook’s. With that in mind, you can use any Christmas-themed Timeline cover you find for Facebook on your Google+ profle.


Just upload the cover image to Google+ instead of Facebook, and follow the tool’s lead for cropping it to the right size. Since the sizes are nearly identical, you won’t lose much of the image in the cropping.

If you’re using a website that doesn’t let you download the Timeline cover to your computer, simply download it yourself from your Facebook album. Open the image, right click it and choose “Save As”. You can then head over to Google+ and use it there.


InstaCover [Facebook, Google+]


InstaCover, which we already mentioned in our collection of 6 best places to design a Facebook Timeline cover for free The 6 Best Places To Design Your Own Facebook Timeline Cover For Free If you’ve failed to create an enticing cover photo for yourself or your Facebook Page, don’t worry. It’s never too late to start. Here are six free web apps that can help. Read More , is an easy way to create a themed Timeline cover from Instagram photos. You can use any Instagram photos for this — your own, someone else’s, ones you liked, or ones with a certain tag. In this case, I used the #ChristmasTree tag to create a Timeline collage made entirely of Christmas trees.

When designing your cover, you can choose between several layouts and image sizes, and for some of them, also exchange of images you don’t like and drag images around to relocate them in the collage.

You need to sign in using Facebook to use InstaCover, but it’s easy to change the permissions to “Only Me” if you don’t want it to make any public posts on your behalf. InstaCover will then add the collage to a new Facebook album.

Advertisement [Broken URL Removed] [Facebook, Google+]

coverize might not have the loveliest interface in the world, but it does have a nice selection of Christmas Timeline covers. Even better, you can easily download these and set them yourself, without granting the website access to your Facebook account, and without stray posts.

Once you find a cover you like, gives you two choices: log in to automatically set the cover, or click the thumbnail below to download it. Ignore these instructions. All you have to do is right click the upmost version of the cover and save it as. You can then set it as your Facebook cover manually.



CoverJunction [No Longer Available]


CoverJunction is a another good repository of Christmas-themed covers of all kinds. Adding a cover from CoverJunction to Facebook is easy. When you find one you like, you’ll get the option to add it to Facebook. You’ll have to grant the app access to your account (make sure to set posting to “Only Me” so as not to spam your friends), and once you do, the new cover will be saved in a new Facebook album.

You can then either let the website do the hard work for you and change the cover (you can still move it around and finalize it), or do it yourself through Facebook.

FBCoverStreet [Facebook, Google+]



If you’re looking for Christmas covers that are just a bit different, FBCoverStreet is a good place to find them. You won’t find the classic Christmas trees, snow and decorations here, but things that are just a bit more geeky and sophisticated.

FBStreetCover lets you download each image with no strings attached, and the selection of covers is quite large.

InstaHeader [Twitter]


If you like the InstaCover idea but want to use it on Twitter, head over to InstaHeader. Using the exact same interface, you can create a Chirstmas-y header for your Twitter profile using a collage of Instagram photos.

Unlike InstaCover, here you can choose between setting the header right from InstaHeader, or downloading it to your computer and setting it yourself. Note that by default, InstaHeader also tweets in your name telling others about your new cover. You can easily avoid this by unticking the relevant checkbox.

TwitHeaders [Broken URL Removed] [Twitter]


Let me say this right off the bat: TwitHeaders is a somewhat annoying service. If you like full control over what happens on your account, skip this one. If you don’t mind one stray tweet you can’t avoid, and love super-simple services, TwitHeaders is a nice way to bring the holiday spirit to your Twitter account.

Start by searching for “Christmas” to find relevant covers. Browse the available results, and when you find one you like, click the “Download Twitter Header” button. This will not download the Twitter header, though. What it will do is set the header for you automatically, and tweet about it to your followers.

Using TwitHeaders is as simple as it gets, but it would have been much better to have more control over the process.

Do It Yourself

If you have your own Christmas images you’d like to use, but don’t know the right sizes for each cover image, head over to Social Media Image Maker. Here you can easily create Facebook Timeline covers, Twitter covers and backgrounds, and even LinkedIn banners. The website still features the old Google+ cover size, but you can always create a Facebook Timeline cover and then use it on Google+.

Pro tip: you can also use your favorite Christmas wallpapers for this!

Read more about Social Media Image maker in our full review Make Cool Avatars for Profile Pictures With the 8 Easiest Sites To have an online presence, you are going to need a good avatar. Here are some of the easiest ways to create a cool avatar. Read More .

Are your social profiles ready for the holidays? Let us know how you find your Facebook, Twitter and Google+ covers!

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