7 Pranks to Play on iPhone Users
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Pranking your friends is lots of fun, and there some great ways to do it if you get a few minutes alone with their iPhone. You can make them think their phone has crashed, or leave them stuck with Siri speaking French.

Here are seven hysterical pranks to play on your iPhone-using friends.

1. Hi Angus, Lord of Unicorns

For a lot of pranks, you need to have access to your friend’s unlocked iPhone. Since iPhones are pretty secure Smartphone Security: Can iPhones Get Malware? Smartphone Security: Can iPhones Get Malware? Malware affecting "thousands" of iPhones can steal App Store credentials, but the majority of iOS users are perfectly safe – so what's the deal with iOS and rogue software? Read More , this can be tricky prospect. If all you’ve got is a few moments while they run off to the bathroom leaving you with their locked iPhone, you need to get creative. Fortunately, you can do a lot with Siri 8 Things You Probably Didn’t Realize Siri Could Do 8 Things You Probably Didn’t Realize Siri Could Do Siri has become one of the iPhone’s defining features, but for many people, it’s not always the most useful. While some of this is due to the limitations of voice recognition, the oddity of using... Read More .

When you chat to Siri, she calls you by your name. It’s part of what makes her personable If You're Not Using Siri By Now, You Should Be If You're Not Using Siri By Now, You Should Be Most of the commercials, jokes, and media hype about Apple's iOS voice assistant, Siri, have subsided, but I still run into iPhone users who don't take advantage of this powerful feature. Just the other day... Read More as well as useful. What a lot of people don’t realise, is that changing what Siri calls you is easy; all you have to do is ask her.

Siri Name Prank

Just hold down on your friend’s iPhone Home button and say something like, “Siri, call me Angus, Lord of Unicorns.” Now, every time your victim uses Siri that’s what she’ll call them.

2. Awkward Alarms

This is another Siri prank you can do with a locked iPhone, but it’s a little meaner. Be warned, your friends will definitely try and get their own back if you do it.

Hold down the Home button and say, “Siri, wake me at 4am.” Siri will set an alarm that goes off at four the next morning.

Siri Alarm Prank

If you’re feeling especially cruel, spend however long you have with their phone setting dozens of alarms, reminders, and calendar events for random days in the future. When their iPhone is still randomly going off six months later, you’ve done it properly.

3. Autocorrect Autofail

Autocorrect can be great Fix Bad Autocorrect Entries & Train Your iPhone to Spell Properly Fix Bad Autocorrect Entries & Train Your iPhone to Spell Properly Is your AutoCorrect a piece of ducking shiv? That's probably because your iPhone dictionary is full of misspelled corrections and words that make no sense. Read More (even if most of the funny fails are fake Autocorrect Fails are All Fake - Here's How to Make Your Own Autocorrect Fails are All Fake - Here's How to Make Your Own Read More ) but in this prank, we’re going to exploit it. You need full access to your victim’s iPhone for this one. How you get it, I’ll leave up to you.

This time, we’re going to teach autocorrect to change common words to something else.

Head to Settings > General > Keyboards > Text Replacement. Click the + and enter a word they commonly type for the Shortcut. Put the word you want it to change into for the Phrase.

With this prank, you can have as much fun as you like. Perhaps “you’re” gets autocorrected to “your” or their partner’s name gets changed to someone else’s. Maybe when they type, “I love you” their iPhone autocorrects it to, “we need to talk.” The only limit is your imagination (and your moral compass).

The best thing about this prank is, if you’re subtle, you can keep it going for months.

4. Parlez-Vous Français?

This prank is as old as mobile phone pranks get; I used to pull this on my friends’ Nokia 3210s in school! Once again, you’ll need full access to their phone.

Go to Settings > General > Language and Region > iPhone Language and change it to something they don’t speak. Exit the settings app and watch as they try to navigate their (now foreign) iPhone.

Language Change Prank

If you’re feeling benevolent, set their phone to something like French or Spanish. It might take them a while, but they’ll probably be able to puzzle out how to change it back to English.

If you’re feeling mean, change it to something like Chinese or Japanese. Everything will be completely unreadable. Even Google Translate Travelling With Google Translate? 4 Tips To Improve Your Experience Travelling With Google Translate? 4 Tips To Improve Your Experience If you plan on travelling to a foreign country anytime soon, Google Translate can really help you, but it has its limitations. Here's how to best make use of this wonderful app. Read More won’t be able to help them.

5. Home Screen of Death

This prank won’t fool your victim for very long but fixing it is really annoying.

When you get their iPhone, take a screenshot of the Home Screen by pressing the Home button and Lock button at the same time. Then, move all the apps on their Home Screen to another page. If they like to keep things nicely organised, this will really annoy them.

Locked Screen Prank

To finish setting things up, change their wallpaper The 10 Best Places to Find Your Next iPhone Wallpaper The 10 Best Places to Find Your Next iPhone Wallpaper Need a new iPhone wallpaper? These awesome apps serve thousands of wallpapers, so you find find the perfect background. Read More to the screenshot you took at the start. Now when they unlock their iPhone and try to open an app, nothing will happen.

6. I <3 Nickelback

If you’ve got access to their iPhone, you can also post things from their Facebook and Twitter accounts. With this prank you need to be careful. You can seriously damage someone’s reputation, or worse, get them in real trouble if you post something grossly offensive or illegal. If you’re going to impersonate your victim online, it’s best to keep it really light hearted.

Open their social network of choice and act fast. The longer the post is online, the more chance their friends and followers will have to see it.

Nickelback Prank

What you post is up to you — you’re the one who knows the victim — but I’d recommend something to do with music. People get incredibly wound up about what artists other people like These Kanye Fans Don't Know Who Paul McCartney Is, And That's Okay These Kanye Fans Don't Know Who Paul McCartney Is, And That's Okay Kanye West and Sir Paul McCartney collaborated on a new track. You'll totally believe what happened next. Read More ; it’s the perfect opportunity for some mischief.

If you’re stuck for ideas, have them declare that, “Nickelback is underrated” or “Justin Bieber is a way better singer than Freddie Mercury.” It’s guaranteed to cause chaos.

7. Stuck in the App Store

Guided Access is one of the great iOS accessibility features Force Your iPhone To Use Landscape & More With iOS Accessibility Options Force Your iPhone To Use Landscape & More With iOS Accessibility Options Apple products are notoriously closed-off to tinkering - you can either jailbreak your device, or you can use it as intended: carefully polished, one app at a time. To accomodate people with special needs; decreased... Read More . It’s designed to lock your iPhone into one app, which makes it easier for people with limited mobility to use. You can also safely hand your device off to children without fearing what they’ll discover online. It also means you can lock your victim in the App Store.

Head to Settings > General > Accessibility > Guided Access and turn it on. Go into Passcode Settings and set a password (but seriously, remember this password or choose something obvious like 1234). Make sure Touch ID is turned off.

Guided Access Prank

Exit the settings and open the App Store. Press the Home Button three times to start Guided Access. Now they won’t be able to leave the App Store without entering the password only you know.

Mischief Managed

Playing pranks on your friends is great fun and, with technology, it’s easier to do than ever. Just a few moments alone with your target’s iPhone is enough to have them randomly waking up early in the morning for months and declaring their undying love for 80s prog rock legends Asia.

Be careful with your pranks. It’s easy to get carried away in the heat of the moment. You don’t want to ruin any friendships over a joke that went too far.

What are your favorite iPhone pranks? Share them in the comments below. I’m always looking for new ways to annoy my friends!

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