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Post Memorable Videos to Your Blog Where You’re the Star

Ryan Dube 08-06-2010

post your videosThere are many creative ways to make a statement in your blog updates, but putting together something that really goes viral isn’t always easy. Sometimes, even the most powerfully written article goes unnoticed, because the Internet is just overridden with folks writing content, and everyone wants to be noticed. So how do you really stand out and get people to do a double-take when they come across your blog?


The key is to come up with something unique, odd or hilarious. If you can develop something that makes people laugh so hard that they end up in stitches, you can be sure that they’ll forward it to all of their friends.

One type of content is to develop funny “video-casts,” which are basically short one or two minute videos that make a big impact and get people laughing. One awesome resource I discovered that can help to post your own videos to your blog is Oddcast Widgets.

Oddcast is a very cool technology that major brands have used to offer customers the ability to create viral videos that incorporate their own face. Saikat touched on this technology earlier when he wrote about Gizmoz. However, Oddcast takes the technology to a whole new level by allowing you to customize really funny videos with your own messages, or by integrating your own face into famous movie scenes, and letting you post your custom movie videos anywhere online.

OddCast Now Offers Customizable Widgets

In addition to the technology they offer major brands to generate their own viral applications, OddCast also offers regular folks the opportunity to generate their own unique viral video that you can post on your blog, post on social networks or simply email to your friends.

post your videos

The OddCast Widgets page offers a hilarious mix of 19 customizable widgets that you can embed anywhere on the Internet. I have to say, just playing around with these for a little bit, once you upload your first face image and start incorporating it into these videos, you won’t be able to stop. It’s very addictive and extremely funny. If you want to make a real impact or deliver a memorable message in a blog post update – this is definitely the way to do it.

Send Baby Mail Messages To Get Your Point Across

The first widget that I’d like to cover is actually the best, in my opinion. It’s called BabyMail, and if you loved the old viral dancing baby videos, you’ll love this widget. It lets you create your own talking baby message in your own voice, and the baby will deliver your message for you in a video that’ll have your friends rolling on the floor with laughter.

post your videos

The first step in creating this widget is to choose which baby you want to deliver your message. You can choose between a mix of girl babies or boy babies, or better yet – upload a picture of your own baby! Then, you can type in a message that you’d like the baby to speak, which will result in a digitized voice.

post your free videos

A much better approach is to record the message in your own voice. Hearing your voice coming out of this baby’s mouth is a riot! Then, when you’ve got the video working and sounding the way you want it to, you can share it.

post your free videos

All of these widgets allow you to share them out in three ways – either send it as an email, embed it into a blog or social network, or just get the URL that you can send to friends or post in Twitter.

Avatarize Yourself

Another widget that’s actually fast becoming one of the most popular Oddcasts is the one that McDonald’s created as part of their Avatar promotion. With this widget, you can upload a photo of your face, and then resize it and position it in preparation to become an Avatar.

post your free videos

Just resize your face, and position it so that it is proportioned just about the same as the sample image to the left. Many of these widgets also have you place “position points” on the image of your face so that the application knows where the sides of your face, chin, nose and eyes are.

funny viral videos

Once you’re done customizing your image, just click submit. Within seconds – there you are, completely Avatarized!

funny viral videos

Your Avatar actually blinks and turns its head. You can change the emotion of your Avatar to happy or angry, change the background, and you can add a text message at the bottom of the image. Then you can share it out to any site, or download an image that you can actually use as your “avatar” on your Internet profiles!

Other Cool Things You Can Do With Oddcast Widgets

The majority of the widgets on the OddCast site are actually real movie scenes where you can incorporate your image as a star of the movie. When you integrate your face (or even better, a friend’s face) into the movie, it makes for some pretty hilarious scenes. For example, here I am in a Terminator scene.

funny viral videos

Check out those biceps! And here I am in Office Space, one of my favorite movies, explaining to the company executives how, on any given workday, I only get about 15 minutes of actual work done.

Post Memorable Videos to Your Blog Where You're the Star oddcast9

And in the last bit of fun I had for the night, I decided to make a star appearance in the movie Robocop. There’s just something really funny seeing your head mounted on top of this crime-fighting robot.

Post Memorable Videos to Your Blog Where You're the Star oddcast10

Other movie scenes that you can star in include Alien (where you become the alien bursting out of the poor guy’s body cavity), the Omen (where you become the evil little boy), City Slickers, Dodgeball and more. Choose any of these widgets, incorporate any face that you like, and you’ve got yourself a memorable clip that your website visitors or social network friends will surely find worthy of forwarding!

Have you ever used Oddcast or similar services that let you customize funny video clips? Share your experiences in the comments section below.

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  4. Digital Imagination
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    Cool stuff...

    i like it especially the one which can cut images(Avatarize Yourself)

    Thanks for sharing..........