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Portal Cord is a Charger Cable With a Power Bank Hiding Inside

Dave LeClair 30-04-2019

Power banks are an incredible invention. They make it so we can keep our devices running for substantially longer than their built-in batteries.


They’re not without flaws, though. Part of the reason a device like a smartphone is so useful is that it’s easy to carry around. It fits right into your pocket. Most power banks, however, aren’t so portable.

Portal Cord is setting out to solve that problem by tucking the power bank right inside of the cord.

Portal Cord Features

The way the Portal Cord is able to contain the power within the cord is by having multiple batteries lining the length of the device. While a traditional power bank features one large battery, this one uses a bunch of smaller ones.

Obviously, even by having multiple batteries along the cable, there’s just no way to fit a huge amount of juice. As such, the Portal Cord features 1,800 mAh of charging power. To put that into perspective, an iPhone XS Max features a 3,174 mAh battery, while a Pixel 3 features a 2900 mAh battery. Basically, you won’t get a full charge for your devices out of this power bank, but thanks to Quick Charge technology, you’ll get a decent amount of juice rather quickly.

The Portal Cord is available in USB-C, Lightning, and micro USB, so it’ll work with a wide range of devices including newer iPhones and most Android devices.


For length, the Portal Cord measures three feet, which is pretty standard for power cables. Not going with an incredibly long cable allows the device to remain portable. The cable and attached batteries are pretty light, coming with a weight of only 4.24 ounces.

Portal Cord Availability

Portal Power is seeking funding for Portal Cord on Kickstarter right now. The project is tracking to meet is $20,000 funding goal with around $15K as of this writing. Backers who would like to order a device can do so for $55 while the early special lasts. After that, the price goes up by $10. The company plans to ship the power banks to backers in October 2019.

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